Preece Precision CO2 Tank/System - Initial Review


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Oct 29, 2018
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Reno, NV
2018 JLUR
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I have a compressor to fill tires and carry a battery powered impact wrench for removing fasteners, lug nuts, etc. But I was wanting to add a CO2 system to my recovery gear, primarily to re-seat a bead as I don't have beadlocks (yet). I initially was going to get a PowerTank, but was balking at the price. Then I looked at the Smittybilt tanks, but to be honest, I'm not a fan of Smittybilt in general and their CO2 tanks had poor reviews.

After doing some more searching, I found Preece Precision, which offers complete 10 and 15 pound systems, along with a bunch of optional regulators, etc. Their reviews were good and their prices are about 40% less than PowerTank.

I ordered a 15lb CO2 system (with black powder coated aluminum tank), which included a 0-250psi adjustable regulator, 300psi digital tire inflator, 20' coil hose, handle, and mount for $453 shipped. Preece claims their regulators are non-freezing.

I received the order within 2 days and had it filled for $21. Initial impressions are very good. The powder coating is excellent, they include a nice selection of air chucks for filling various types of valves, and the hose and digital tire gauge seems to be a quality unit. The regulator has brass connections and a lightweight aluminum body.

I installed the mount (which is a universal mount, not JL specific like the PowerTank BTS Bracket) on the backside of my Tuffy Security Deck. I used 3/8" rivet-nuts and bolts to secure the mount to the security deck (rivet-nuts and bolts were left overs/extras from my MC fender and fender liner install). I was worried the Tuffy deck would flex or rattle too much with the tank attached to it, but so far it isn't an issue. The bottom of the tank mount sits on cargo floor, so this also helps support it. The biggest drawback to where it's mounted is the inability to raise the back seat into the normal seat position. Since the tank will only be taken on off road trips, I'll remove the mount for normal daily driver usage.

I haven't used it yet, but am planning on using it on my upcoming Rubicon trip, at least to air up tires. If I'm unlucky, I'll even get to re-seat a tire bead or two.

For the price and features, this system seems like an excellent alternative to the pricier PowerTank systems and lower end Smittybilt systems.



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