possible UConnect issue


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Oct 9, 2021
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2020 JLU Willy's
I'd like to see if any other Jeepers can duplicate this issue I'm having with the 7" non alpine radio.

start by playing music from a flash drive
(for this example i'll reference Whipping Post from the Allman Brothers at Fillmore East - 22 minutes +)

Start the listening to the song.
Stop and TURN OFF the jeep (run in to the store, etc)
Start up the Jeep
The music picks up where it left off and continues playing - for about 5 seconds,
then it goes back to the BEGINNING of the track.

This happens with any song, but it is more noticeable with longer pieces of music.
It doe NOT happen if you switch from media to radio in the middle of the song, then switch back to media. However, every time the Jeep turns off, the music file you were listening to will pick up where it left off and plays - for about 5 seconds, then it will go back to the BEGINNING of the song.

Now I have the 7" radio with Android Auto, and Apple car play. This does not happen if you are using Android Auto to play your music. Also this does not occur in my wife's 2017 Grand Cherokee (8.4" with Nav - no Android Auto, or Apple car play).

I will be opening a UConnect case, so any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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