Owning my 392 JL for 3 weeks now, here are my thoughts


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Nov 19, 2020
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2021 Wrangler 392 35's, and 2015 JKU 35s (wife's)
Coming from a 2007 JK with 5.7. These are my most prevalent thoughts after spending about 1000 miles with my 392,

- It's wicked fast of course. Not just quick, but genuinely fast. About the same as my 2016 Mustang GT
- I remember why I hate leather seats (sweaty, slippery)
- The tech is so nice. The adaptive cruise control I expected to hate, I really like. Bluetooth is seamless, the carplay is good for long trips. The steering wheel controls I forgot how nice they are to have.
- Wirelss carplay is a big missing feature. It's a pain to have to plug it in every time (yes I know there are aftermarket solutions, I like factory solutions).
- The paddle shifters are way too close to the buttons behind the steering wheel. I've bumped the paddles a few times on accident, which is a big shock when you have 470 horsepower and loud exhaust. There should be a little rib or bump between the paddle and the volume adjuster.
- Jeep should have done better with the door removal, learning from the JK. The connector isn't very securely connected to the metal. The pivoting latch for the electrical connector is way too tight (need a tool to unsnap it), and realigning is fiddly. Hopefully Jeep learns from Bronco here.
- The half doors are super lightweight and it's nice they have factory matching doors, and all the electrical bits of the full doors like proximity, and power mirrors. However they could have designed them less fiddly to get the upper frames to fit well to the body. The adjustments feel like hasty afterthoughts, not a fully engineered solution.
- Love the stock ride height (1-2" taller than standard Rubicon), 35's fit perfectly and look awesome
- MUCH smoother ride than my JK, great road manners
- The big plastic block behind the rear view mirror for all the safety features is a bit distracting at first. Takes up alot of real estate of forward vision.
- Paint match from the flares and hard top to the body is poor. Same exact thing as my wife's 2015 Wrangler. It's ok, I didn't really expect more based on production methods, but it was a bit disappointing to see in the sunlight.

Overall I love it and unless Jeep makes a better V8 model, I will keep this forever. My gripes above are nit picks for sure. In the end, nothing on the market, including the Bronco, TRX, Raptor, Defender, or anything else has the full package like the Wrangler has with the practicality, fun factor, convert-ability, and style. It is the Jack of all trades and then some. It replaces the sports car, the mini van, and the side by side, all in one package.

I'll eventually post up a build thread but here it is for now:

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