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Jan 10, 2021
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2021 Jeep Wrangler JL Rubicon
To follow up, I now have the OME Heavy Load kit installed (with OME adjustable control arms, track bars and sway bar links). Very happy with it!

I was a bit concerned about going with the Heavy kit because my winter config is a lot lighter than my summer/overlanding config. IMO, not a problem at all. Unburdened, the heavy load kit is firm but not harsh. I wouldn't recommend being unburdened with the Heavy kit all the time but if your weight varies it's not terrible when you're light. I don't have a sense of sacrifice when I'm unloaded. It's just a little on the firm side but still comfortable, no big deal.

Burdened is where it really shines. It just handles the weight. I can take up to moderate trails while only barely thinking about my cargo weight, taking trails much more comfortably. More like I'm at stock weight. With the stock suspension, cargo weight was constantly on my mind putting me in perpetual cringe mode. Of course, when fully loaded for overlanding in the middle of nowhere with nobody else around you don't risk rock crawling. So for the heavily loaded overlanding use case where you avoid rock crawling whenever possible, OME gets it done.

Appearance wise, I think it looks good with 33s but you could easily go with 35s (not doing that to maintain range). I'd call the OME 2" kit more of an overlanding suspension than a lift. At least on a Rubi where it's only 1", the 2" is based on non-Rubis. Before settling I gained about 1.25" on a Rubi (add 1" for non-Rubis) but it can seem like more because it doesn't squat anywhere near as much as stock does. But IMO the lift aspect is more of a side effect in comparison to how the suspension now says yeah, pack me up! I got this! Let's go! Exactly what I was looking for.

This is fully loaded w/ OME 2" Heavy Load suspension w/ stock KO2 33s. DIY Slide-out kitchen, drawers, fridge/freezer. camping gear, all liquid tanks/cans full. At GVWR, mostly in the rear. Ready for an overlanding trip. I do get a 1/2" squat fully loaded up but that's much better than stock. I can live with it as leveling it loaded would make me ass-high in winter. I'd take an unloaded pic to compare but I'm not taking all my stuff out just for a forum pic, sorry. 🤷‍♂️
That'll happen once in late spring and once at the start of winter.


In comparison, this was fully loaded on the stock Rubi suspension. I clearly had a problem.

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