Order your Bikini 2024 Wrangler @ 7% Below Invoice!


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Apr 18, 2018
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Hey guys! Bikini is now open for orders & you can get yours & all other 2024 Wranglers at up to 7% below invoice!

Our standard Sold Order discount is 5% below invoice.
We will offer an additional 1% discount for qualifying Stellantis Affiliate Membership. This can be obtained through a qualifying employer or through a membership outlet, such as Tread Lightly. This discount will be 6% below invoice.
Finally, we will offer another 1% below invoice if you have a qualifying Stellantis Affiliate Membership & you secure your financing with one of our lenders through dealership financing. This can be obtained on both retail & lease transactions. This will ultimately give you a total 7% BELOW INVOICE!🔊

*Note: Wrangler 392 is offered at 1-3% below invoice with the respective discounts show above.

❗Let's break that down a bit further. There are some dealers that may offer you a "larger discount" (ie: 8% below invoice). Unlike many other dealers that provide you with a large discount upfront, we do NOT add back DESTINATION to your given price. On the 2023 Wrangler, destination was $1,795. This figure is pre-loaded on the dealer invoice; therefore, you are already paying for it.❗

We have a $499 Dealer Fee. We collect YOUR state sales tax & DMV charges. Aside from these regulatory fee's, you will not see additional costs added to your purchase. We do not pre-load dealer add'on's. We do not have any dealer addendum's.

You will sign a Bill of Sale at the time of ordering that will have the price WE have agreed on prior to placing the order for your Jeep. You will also be provided a final Priced Order Confirmation (POC) once the order is placed.

I pride myself providing a competitive pricing model for my fellow forum members. I have gone to bat for you to offer the very best discount I could for this new & exciting Wrangler. Give me the opportunity to WOW you! I promise you will not be disappointed!

Thanks for all the years! I look forward to earning you as, not only a customer, but a lifelong friend!

Happy Jeepin'!👋:jk:


*Note: The best means of communication with me is through email. Please send me your prospective build specs & I will send back a quote, typically within a couple of hours. My email is listed below.

[email protected]