New rear bumper and rock rails from Motor City Aftermarket

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    The Short Story (get to the point already):

    Chris was extremely helpful in picking out the parts to take my 2018 Jeep JLUR to the next level! Ordering was easy and everything arrived as expected. Carefully packaged and no scratches when it arrived. Installation was easy and fitment was perfect! Have a flag theme on my JL so going with American made parts was important to me. The "tank DNA" is nice too! @CrownRubicon if you want to see how the rear bumper & rock rails turned out!

    The Long Version (I want to know the whole story):

    Recently attended a local event (Crawling for Reid), slid off a rock, hit a very small tree stump and because I was still running my factory plastic bumper, took out my drivers side tail light and broke one of the brackets holding the factory bumper in place. Upon looking over the damage and the size of the tree stump, it was obvious that a real bumper would have just taken the hit without any further damage.

    Had a similar incident at Windrock Trail # 26 and ended up with some damage just under the passenger side rear door. My stock Rubi Rails did great for sliding on the rock, but did nothing to keep the rock from damaging the Jeep.

    With these two incidents in mind, I started looking for rear bumpers and rock rails. I’m sure I did like everyone and went to the normal sites and looked at countless options. Then one day, I was on and saw a contest for Motor City Aftermarket. I filled out the form for the contest and then got curious and went to their website. ( The first thing that caught my eye was that they build stuff for tanks so I kept reading and the more I read, the more I was interested. The stuff looks great and it’s American made. I wanted a full width rear bumper that wrapped around the side. I wanted it to work with my factory tow hitch. I didn’t want to worry about the powder coating and I wanted the bumper to have spots for LED backup lights. For the rock rails, I wanted them tight to the Jeep and I didn’t want to have to worry about powder coating.

    I ended up reaching out to them to get some help on the rock rails and to ask a few questions about the bumper. Talked to Chris and he was extremely helpful and answered all my questions. Next step was to place the order. Simple enough! Got the order details and tracked the order. Came in just as expected and packaged perfectly. No scratches, no damage. Had it shipped to my work so that I wouldn’t have to worry about no one being home when it arrived. (Check the picture of how I had to put it all in my Jeep to get it home)

    Removed the factory bumper the night before everything arrived so that I would be ready to install the new bumper when it got here. New bumper fit great and was easy to install. I chose to tap into the factory towing harness for the lights. With the lights that came with the bumper, you get reverse lights, brake lights and turn signal lights.

    Had to wait until Saturday to install the rock rails. Although it “can” be done with hand tools, I definitely recommend and impact drive to speed things up. Just loosen the body bolts enough to slide the rock rails in place and then tighten the bolts back up...done!

    For anyone else that is looking, I couldn’t be happier! Do yourself a favor and check them out like I won’t regret it! Also noticed there is still time to enter there contest to win one of their products: Click here!

    The pictures below are from the installation as well as my first trail ride with the Motor City Aftermarket products installed.

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