New JLURD! Boise -> Sun Valley -> Moab -> Telluride -> Phoenix (home)


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Jun 11, 2020
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Scottsdale, AZ
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A week late to post, but I just picked up my new diesel rubi from Kent at Peterson in Nampa. I recommend him highly if you’re on this side of the US and want an excuse to make a rod trip out of it. We live in Phoenix and couldn’t find a good deal here, so we decided to turn the experience into a vacation. We got a great deal, had a great dealership experience, and an amazing vacation!


Anyways, my wife and I picked up our Jeep on Tuesday 5/28 and stayed in downtown Boise for the night. We’ve never been there before and really enjoyed the downtown area. Much cooler than I was anticipating.



The next morning we took the scenic route to Ketchum (Sun Valley) through the Sawtooth National Forest. I was driving and didn’t grab any photos, but it was stunning. If you ever have the opportunity, I highly recommend driving that route. After a great dinner and a nice night at Pioneer Saloon, which is another place I’d highly recommend, we got a good night sleep and prepared for the long drive to Moab in the morning.

This was the first of 2 long driving stints in our trip and southern Idaho/norther Utah isn't all that fun. Lots of ranch land and wind, but at least the speed limit is 80mph. Salt Lake City is right around the halfway point between Sun Valley and Moab, so it made for a good time to bean lunch and take a break.

On our drive down we remembered that the Diesel Brothers are locates in SLC, so we stopped by after lunch. As our Wrangler is a diesel, we felt like it was a proper initiation into the diesel club to stop by to check out some of their builds (and buy some merch). It made for a great little 20-30 minute break in an otherwise long, mundane drive. New shirts in hand, we made the push for Moab.


When we got to Moab we made the obligatory stop at Moab Brewery, grabbed dinner and a couple of beers at the bar and went to bed in anticipation of properly breaking in our brand new Jeep the next day.

We only had 1 day to wheel in Moab, and as I’ve never been before, I did a lot of research on what we should do. We settled on starting off nice n easy on Fins n Things. I’ve done a fair bit of wheeling and have a pretty built TJ, but I wanted to get to know this Jeep a bit before doing anything difficult. Fins n Things was perfect for that. It was scenic and we were able to just cruise and enjoy the beautiful morning, the views, and our new Jeep. We absolutely loved it. PS When you have the opportunity to take a right for the scenic overlook, take it. It’s well worth it!



After the morning trail, we grabbed a quick lunch in town, then headed back where we just came from to run Hell’s Revenge. What a beast! It’s basically Fins n Things on steroids. The fins were much larger and the things were much more difficult than our morning run. It’s still unbelievably scenic and there was nothing that I or the Jeep felt too uncomfortable with on the main trail. However I didn't attempt any of the optional obstacles as it was 105° outside and there was almost no one out there. There was no one to tell you the line or even to watch and emulate. So we decided to save those for next time when hopefully, we can see how they’re done properly... and when our Jeep isn’t 3 days old. That trail was a lot of fun, but we were exhausted by the end. Between the heat, and the 2nd half of a good day of wheeling, we were ready to get off the trail by about mile 5.5 (of 6.5).




Overall, a great day and we were bit by the Moab bug. We’ll definitely be back, and living in Phoenix, it’s not too long a trek. We stayed one more night in Moab, got a good night’s rest, then left early for Telluride.

Telluride happens to be both my wife my favorite place. We try to go for a summer tip and a winter trip each year. In fact we got married there last summer. And not so much by chance (other than when our Jeep arrived at the dealership) we were able to schedule our trip so that we could spend our 1-year anniversary there on this trip. We mostly used our 3 days in Telluride to relax, but we did manage to run Imogene Pass, which is one of my favorite trails. As most here know, it’s fairly easy, so long as you pay attention so as to not go off the edge, but it is unbelievably gorgeous.











After 3 days of relaxing, reminiscing about our wedding a year ago, and beginning to plan our winter ski trip we made the long, but easy 8 hour drive back to our home in Scottsdale, where our new Jeep got to meet his brother (sister? whatever...)... our '02 TJ:



I don't have a picture of them together yet, but I'm already planning adventures where we can take both out to have some fun.

This is one of my first posts here, but I have done a ton of research on this forum over the last few years and it's been an extremely valuable resource. I'm excited to contribute more now that I have my JL to hopefully be able to help others. Cheers!

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