New JL owner from eastern VT

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Aug 22, 2020
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Eastern VT
2020 Jeep Wrangler Sport, 2017 Jeep Cherokee Latitude, 2014 Ford F150 XLT
Hey guys and gals

Long time past Jeep owner. Have owned 2 Cherokees XJ’s and had a 2004 Liberty, as well as 2 different TJs (‘97 Sport &’98 SE) and a 2008 JK. All but one of the old XJs had stick shift. Currently have a 2017 Cherokee Latitude in the garage, automatic of course.

We recently moved up from southern NH to eastern VT (Windsor area). Our new place is a couple of miles from pavement, so we sold off my wife’s old BMW 3 series and replacing it with a Wrangler made sense.

We bought a new, blue, 2-door Sport soft top with a hard-to-find manual gearbox. I ended up having to travel a couple hours up to Littleton, NH to find one. Didn‘t want all the bells and whistles (or cost) of a Rubicon and all the lower spec models seem to all have automatics. Mine hadn‘t even arrived at the dealership yet when I negotiated the deal over email. Just picked it up last Saturday.

I’ll be prowling around on this forum to learn all the skinny on the new JL variant that you all have compiled here in the few years its been around. Already got myself some Husky floor liners and a Auto-stop eliminator (what a bad idea) for it. Otherwise I plan on keeping it fairly stock for a while as I‘ll be using it more as a dirt roads, top down cruiser, and at my age am no longer interested in true off-roading (I know, blasphemy!). Ive got a couple of dirt worthy dual sport motorcycles for that sort of thing, which is also the genesis of my online name.

See ya’ out there,