My First Impressions of the JL


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Nov 9, 2017
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South Carolina
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Greetings fellow enthusiasts,

Today, I finally had time to head to Columbia and get eyes on the new JL Wrangler.

I got a look at 2 JLU Rubicons and a JLU Sahara.

Here’s some take away I have:

1. Compared to the JK or any vehicle I’ve recently sat my butt in, the seats are infinitely more comfortable. It’s unreal. The seats tested were the Rubicon and Sahara with leather. Top notch quality/feel for sure.

2. The size of the Jeep is noticeably larger. It’s very apparent without having to look closely at it. Especially the width of it.
— Rear legroom appears substantially increased, even though it’s only by about 2 inches

3. The Rubicon is such a difference from the rest. Every angle is that much better IMO. The tires are the perfect proportion to the vehicle, the fenders look killer, and the steel bumpers are icing on the cake. At least 10X more striking in person as compared to photos. It’s simply amazing.

4. Interior materials overall are leaps and bounds better. Everything felt a lot more put together, and the ergonomics are on point. I like driving with my elbow on the window sill and the center armrest, and both felt to be at the perfect height. And that tilt/telescoping wheel is an absolute god send

5. I’m 6’ 1” and felt I had plenty of shoulder/head/leg room. A bit more than a Tacoma for sure. Riding position is superior to most vehicles this size. They aced it in that regard.

6. I didn’t get to drive it, as I did have my 2 year old with me, but my initial impressions are “I’m more than happy I ordered one, even sight unseen”

7. I knew more about the JL (and I’m sure most of you as well) than the salesperson did. Had to quiz him on the location of the flip flops

8. You cannot go wrong with White, Red or Billet silver, as those are the three colors I saw. Liked every one of them. That silver had a good amount of metallic flake to it. Simply beautiful

Zero regrets, and zero things I would change. My order is on a Firecracker Red Rubicon Unlimited with LEDs, Infotainment, Tow, Safety, Steel Bumpers, and Black hardtop. MSRP $48060.

The only negatives I have were the appearance of the color hardtop and flares. It was a bit too much. But I know some like that, so I’ll leave it alone.

I’m sure what I’ve said has been said before, so I’m just giving my own personal opinion, I guess just to reinforce what’s been said.




My little girl is an avid Jeep Enthusiast by the way. Kept saying “That’s my Jeep, YEAH!!!”
just curious which dealership you went to? I went to JT's in Lexington a couple weeks ago and all they had is silver at the time. Already order black JLUR, but still would like to see the other colors.


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Dec 14, 2017
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