MXT275 Radio Base Unit - and a few other things


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Nov 19, 2020
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2020 JLU
Installing the radio base behind glovebox and utilizing the AUx switch wiring for power - If you have this set-up, where did you stash it and what did you use to secure it? Pics most appreciated.
srew for mount.jpg
I didn't like the plain screw provided by Rugged (why do they provide plain hardware) so here is the proper Mopar screw.
wire routing.jpg
cable gland in grommet.jpg
Antenna Cable routing utilizes available holes for fir tree style zip ties in 2 places and then a cable gland thru the available grommet (Auto's only). It provides a watertight pass-thru. Removed the plastic trim piece at the Driver's knees and secured the cable away from pedals and zip tied to aluminum support over to mid console. Used a wire fish tape from passenger side and easily routed cable thru and up behind glove box. Now - where and how to mount that base unit.
finished product.jpg
Finished product (at least the antenna mount and cable)
Base Mounted now - flipped so speaker is facing up just in case - located under Driver knee cover - getting there
base mounted.jpeg

Installed the rest of the radio components today – Bulkhead CAT connector thru lower passenger side foot-well panel
Cable across lower section of panel and out and up to radio base unit – this was the hardest part – the RJ45 is the same size as the clearance on the driver's side.
Radios mounted and couldn’t be happier with the installation
Cat6 Connector.jpg
Radio Mount.jpg
Radios Hanging.jpg
here's a quick list of parts:
  • Rugged Radios Antenna Mount – MT-ANT-JEEP
  • Midland low profile antenna cable
  • Rugged Radios Coax Cable Cap for NMO mounts
  • 3 foot CAT6 Extension – Male-Male
  • Anmest RJ45 Waterproof CAT Connector – female-female
  • Midland MXT275 Radio
  • Midland GXT1000 handheld
  • CMM Offroad Grab Bar Ball Mount
  • Jeepuniq Dual Radio Mount – CL-RAMBALL-L27-B-M1-3738
  • Midland 6db & 3db gain antennas depending on terrain

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