Mopar Max Care Warranty - worth it?


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Oct 22, 2020
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Reading, Pennsylvania
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I just purchased my JLUR through Koons and everything went smoothly except for the financing part. I brought my own financing and knew what my monthly was going to be. When sitting with the financing lady I asked if she could beat my interest rate. She came back with a lower rate and this is where she started playing with the numbers. I should have known better but in the excitement of buying my first Jeep I feel like she got me. She got me a much lower rate, and after a tornado of numbers and explanations that I absolutely HAD to get the warranty, I ended up paying for the Mopar Max Care 72 months / 60,000 miles warranty. No gap insurance, no maintenance package. The cost was $2,205. She swore up and down that anyone on the Jeep forums would be in awe of this discount and I should check with them. So... here I am checking with everyone.
I was offered the same warranty, at the same dealer, possibly even by the same "financing lady" for $850. I also turned it down. I may add the warranty after all but I had zero confidence at the time that my wife would be as happy with the Wrangler as she swore she would be.


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