Mopar LED Headlights vs Aftermarket (Oracle, Hella, etc.)


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Oct 7, 2019
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I've heard countless testimonies that OEM LED lights are THE BEST. However, they look subpar in this comparison picture. Quite frankly, it looks like a LED bulb in a halogen headlight. Could someone with OEM LED please shed some lights here? Does your cutoff look like the picture shown on the right? I am choosing between Oculus vs OEM, and this side-to-side comparison is exactly what I am looking for, but I am a little sceptical... not sure if the right side is from a JL OEM LED... or is Oculus just that much better?
Thank you for your input, you are absolutely correct. Looking at a cutoff 3ft against a wall doesn't show the complete picture of how the light project and spread onto the actual road. But it definitely holds it value for a quick comparison. @ORACLElights, could you please confirm that the actual JL OEM LED was used in your comparison photo?
Thanks for your interest and questions. This IS a legitimate OEM Jeep JL LED headlight, as it's labelled. We have many other resources on the product page that may be of interest to you, and I'll include some here.

Check out this video overview of OEM LED to Oculus (filmed/created by the company CJ Pony Parts):

Here is a forum-customer's photo of the low/high beam down a road that shows this cutoff in action:

How often do you need perfect cutoff beams on a wall 3 feet ahead of you? A lot of it has to do with Lens projection and light falloff. What’s the lux at 40 yards? 50? What’s the beam pattern look like out there? Do you want a precise laser footprint of light at that distance?
Well, you don't necessarily need it at that distance but it makes for a good way to easily show the difference. We have a few in-house photos at various distances as well as customer photos like the one above and on the product page. The cut-off will be less visible the further away from a surface the vehicle is so these other photos show this. We recommend aligning the beam at a distance of 15-20ft from a wall. I don't have the Lux readings on hand, but we can request this from our product team as a future update to the available information.

They didnt actually do the test. It was a 3rd party from what I understand. I only see the same set of pictures posted though and would love to see a newer unbiased comparison.I wish I could do it myself, but no one local to me has the oracle oculus.

@ORACLElights if you want to mail me a set and let me do a comparison of the Oculus vs the OEM LEDs I'd happily mail them back afterwards on my own dime and post my results (with pictures) on the forums.
Hi Cody, not sure where you would have heard that it was third-party as that comparison was done using Oracle Lighting's own Jeep JL using a OEM LED headlight. Check out the CJ Pony Parts video we linked above for another comparison, and there are forum members who have also posted photos!

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