Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ P3 2,000 mile data point


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Apr 20, 2021
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Southwest Virginia
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I went over my tires to see how they've been doing, and I figured I would report my experience for posterity. I installed the tires at the same time as a 2.50" TeraFlex spring lift. I just hit the 2,000 mile mark, and I'm going to rotate them this weekend.

I ran them at 38 psi for awhile, because that was the pressure they were set at out of the box. The first time I aired down, a week or two after I installed them, I aired back up to 30 psi. I tried a chalk test at 20, 30, and 40 psi, and the result was inconclusive. I'm going to keep running them at 30 psi and monitor how they wear.

My spare tire has not yet touched pavement, and it has 21/32" of tread everywhere.

My fronts and rears all have 20/32" of tread everywhere. I stuck them all over the place with a tread depth gauge, and I couldn't find any variance worth noting. No evidence of under- or over-inflation, no evidence of feathering. This is pretty much as perfect as tire wear gets.

My current projection is that I should get at least 30,000 miles out of the tires before I change them out at 5/32". It will be interesting to see how this plays out over time. I may get more, I may get less, I may change them sooner, I may change them later. It just depends on how they do.

These things sing at 70 mph. They are not quiet on the highway, but personally, I don't care about that.

I've driven them in very heavy rain, and on-road wet performance was surprisingly good.

I drove them on a trail that had just been wiped clean by heavy rain. All the gullies were clear, all the tire tracks had been erased, and all the mud holes that had just about dried up were full to the brim again. Off-road performance in mud and on short wet rocks was extremely good, aired down to 20 psi. These things are just grippy. Places I used to have to work, I can just idle along, and come right out of the hole without having to do anything. They are very grippy!

I haven't done any full blown rock crawling. I haven't exposed them to cold, or any of the various forms of evil that occur when you mix cold with water.

So far, I would definitely buy them again.