Lets talk about 37s and 8th gear...


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Feb 17, 2018
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Eagle, Colorado
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I've read both that it will and it won't stay in 8th when using manual.

I think OnlyOne makes some great points, but playing devil's advocate...he's also using the lightest 37 available in the BFG KO2s. I was debating 37s when I posted this thread and if I had gone that route, it was going to be with KO2s.

I went with 35s in a Falken Wildpeak AT3W and no lift. They're great on and off road. They took me over Engineer Pass last week and 2,000 miles of highway. I stayed in 8th plenty in Texas and Kansas, but the ups and downs of New Mexico and Colorado hardly ever allowed me to visit 8th gear.

Will I want 37s next year? Probably. Will I want 37s if/when I get a lift? Probably. But for now, 35s are plenty.
It’s really strange how some Jeeps run better or worse depending on conditions but one thing is for sure, I run up over Vail and Eisenhower or any other pass and even if I regeared over the moon, it would never be in 8th. Lol. In the flats it’s in 8th quite a bit. It never stays but it never did with the 33s either, so there’s that.

I don’t really care if it ever goes in 8th. I wheel so much in low that it goes in 8th all the time. Lol Some people use there jeeps for daily drivers and some don’t. I don’t. For my use, I will never regear it. It’s not worth it. In a JK it’s a requirement. I wholeheartedly agree with @Jkohler.
To each their own. It’s your Jeep. We all use them differently and we all dropped some big dime to buy them. Take everyone’s opinions and use them, to make your own decisions.


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