LED headlights going on/off when vehicle is off


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May 18, 2020
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SE Louisiana
2002 TJ : 2021 JLURD
2021 JLURD picked up fist week of October. Just over 1100 miles and recently towed behind motorhome for a a few thousand miles. Heading home we were in torrential rain for 2 days. Everything was working fine. Decided to go through car wash to clean road grime off. Later that evening our dogs began barking, while checking to see what had gotten them riled up we saw the lights on the Wrangler going on, then off, then repeating. I checked the car out, unlocked and locked. On/off started again. Eventually I turned the lights from auto to off and everything shut down. Glad the dogs alerted us, otherwise I could have gone on all night! Any ideas where to start looking for issue on this. Could the rain or car wash trigger something even though the jeep was completely dry by this time. Going to dealer for lift next week so hope to have a good idea what might be going on when I bring it in.


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