KBB: Jeep Wrangler is the most affordable off-roader to own (5-Year Cost to Own Awards)

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    Obviously, they didn't consider the cost of modifications, LOL


    2019 5-Year Cost to Own Awards: Best Off-Road SUV/Crossover

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    Best Off-Road SUV/Crossover: 2019 Jeep Wrangler
    The Jeep Wrangler was an American icon long before it was called "Wrangler" starting in the 1980s. The Jeep cut its teeth in World War II, and its go-anywhere reputation made it highly sought after in peacetime. Since then, the tough 2-door with a soft top, removable doors and folding windshield continues to appeal to beachgoer, commuter and off-roader alike. It is one of the few vehicles with solid axles and 4-wheel drive, and even though the modern-day Jeep is still highly capable and revered for its rock-crawling prowess, it's civilized enough to be a satisfying daily driver. And it's not just at the top of its class for its trail prowess: The Wrangler's impressive 5-Year Cost to Own numbers are also at the top of the segment.

    When the Jeep Wrangler is put to the test, it makes quick work of getting over obstacles. But newfound manners and refinement are also part of the equation, as we noted in our Expert Review of the Wrangler: "What really surprised us was the new Wrangler's civility around town. The improved steering, 5-link suspension, improved body mounts, retuned shocks, and even the drivetrain have all been upgraded for an around-town experience that belies this SUV's off-road ability."

    The Wrangler offers modern technology, such as the excellent Uconnect infotainment system and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto compatibility, plus advanced safety including forward-collision warning and adaptive cruise control. Engines have gone modern too, with an available fuel-efficient turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that offers more torque than the V6. Jeep has even made it easier to remove the top and side windows than in past models, allowing you to connect with nature in no time.

    Better yet, the Wrangler offers all of this capability and strong 5-Year Cost to Own with a starting price below $30,000.


    About the 5-Year Cost to Own Awards
    Buying a car and owning a car are two different things. Often buyers look at the car's price and what the monthly payments are, but that doesn't take into consideration the total cost of vehicle ownership. While the price you pay certainly figures prominently into overall costs, and Kelley Blue Book tools like Fair Purchase Price go a long way in helping you make the right decision, that's just the beginning. What you will be paying to own and operate your vehicle involves many factors and expenses that you may or may not have considered when signing on the dotted line. And these considerations may very well impact what you're paying years after you've driven your new vehicle off the lot.

    While insurance costs, fuel economy and interest rates all have an impact on what you spend on your vehicle, one of the largest expenses is depreciation, or how much resale value your vehicle retains over the long run. New cars with similar sticker prices can and do depreciate at different rates depending on their desirability in the second-hand market and this has a major impact on total ownership costs. And it's a big reason why a less expensive car or one with huge rebates on it may not necessarily be the best deal versus a higher-priced unit that will be worth more when it comes time to sell or trade it in.

    Buying the right car that retains the most value more often than not is the best move. This is where Kelley Blue Book's 5-Year Cost to Own Awards are useful guides in making an informed decision.

    In developing the data that drives our 5-Year Cost to Own projections, Kelley Blue Book analysts calculate projected resale values, insurance and state fees, estimate the costs for fuel, maintenance and repairs and take into consideration the vehicle's acquisition cost as determined by KBB's Fair Purchase Price. This data evaluates these costs down to the model level and take into consideration new vehicle sales figures. More popular trims are given more weight to give a clearer picture of what buyers can expect in return when it comes to ownership costs.

    These results and the awards themselves provide powerful insights that can give you the upper hand when it comes to shopping for a new vehicle. The 5-Year Cost to Own Awards are a valuable tool in making sure that you're making an informed purchase that will pay dividends both now and over the years ahead.
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    So is this after I dump 10K+ in aftermarket parts into the jeep?
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    Only 10k

    Hahaha. Famous last words :p

    Bought a 4 door this time so when the wife kicks me out I have a place to stay.
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    Unless some douche steals your tail lights...lol :facepalm:

    Sales of tail light guards will be going up!
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    There was one post with one guy that had his tail lights ripped off... Hardly something to be paranoid about if you ask me. I've had other cars vandalized, and that's all it was... vandalism.

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