Just took delivery! First thoughts from a first time Jeep owner.


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Apr 26, 2018
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Chillicothe, Ohio
2018 Jeep Wrangler JLU Rubicon
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Thanks to the actions of my amazing dealership, I was able to take delivery on my ordered JLUR last night!

My first Jeep... heck, my first vehicle that wasn't a GM.

This thing feels rock solid, everything about it looks and feels like quality. I feel like I'm driving a tank (in a good way). I've already put over 200 miles on it--and I haven't even had to make excuses to find reasons to go out to the store yet.

Some things that seemed unclear to me for the last month or so of reading the forums until I picked up my own:

I got the all weather floor mats, which do not have the red Jeep logo. I don't think I mind one way or another as it's on the floor and there are plenty of other red accents throughout. Also, they came installed, in place, but I noticed the drain plugs were not in them, and they didn't sit flush. The carpet beneath for the drain plugs were not cut out and the plugs were still in the bottom of the floor. It was a few seconds to fix--most of the holes are already cut.

I don't mind the red dash at all. I think it shows up a LOT more prominently in the CG renderings on the Jeep.com site and perhaps in photos which use lighting as well. It's more of a burnt red/subdued color.

I'm also surprised that the auto start/stop system doesn't bother me either. When I first heard about it being in the JL and many people here being unhappy with it, I worried it would bug me. I honestly forget it's there unless I'm thinking about it. The process to kick back on is faster than the time it takes me to take my foot off the brake and place it on the gas pedal.

Android Auto is fantastic and I don't know how I ever lived without it! My only complaint is that there doesn't seem to be a way to pause playback on audio sources through it (Google Music, Audible Audiobooks, Podcasts). If I use voice commands to pause playback, it stops it fully and closes the (music/audiobook/podcast) app. Am I missing something?

I, like everyone else, currently have no offroad pages on the main 8.4" display and eagerly awaiting those to be added back in on a flash update. I really hope they keep the GPS coords. as a display option there.

I haven't been able to find the splices/heat shrink pack that comes when you get the AUX switches--are these hidden in the vehicle somewhere? It's not a big deal--I have more of those type of things lying around than I know what to do with from other hobbies--mostly just curiosity.

I have the hard top with headliner. It's definitely louder to drive on the highway than other vehicles I've owned, but I wouldn't say it's "loud." Plenty quiet to have a normal volume conversation with anyone else in the vehicle, front or back seats.

The LED headlights are bright as heck! Though no one has flashed their own high beams at me to yell at me for them yet, and most of my driving has been at night so far.

On purely highway driving, 65-68mph, relatively flat roads, I was getting 21-22mpg. Once I got into the stop/go traffic off the highway for the second half of my drive, it dropped down, but my trip average is still 18-19. I'm going to count this as a win because it's barely less than I get in my car.

I'm finding all sorts of little things about the design that just show how much thought went into the details such as the little plastic clip in the back to hold the electrical connector and washer fluid hose when you take the top off.

This waving at other wrangler owners you pass is really a thing. I've heard about it, but only today experienced it... and then experienced it again.... and again.... and again... and again. I almost got tired of having to wave. =P

I'm also drawing a lot of attention... I don't think there are many JLs in the area yet. I've only seen two others since they first started being delivered and both times I was on the interstate.

Overall, very happy. I'm smiling every time I drive it, even on my way to work. I hope my car doesn't get jealous, but I'll be sticking to the Jeep for the next week or so. I can't wait for nicer weather so I can start taking parts off of it. =D


A Jeep Wave from Chillicothe, Ohio!