Just received my Jeep - Ordered Feb 17th 2020


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Mar 3, 2020
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I've posted various times before, trying my best to explain my situation with ordering, frustrations and actual experience.

I ordered Feb 17th, never having ordered a vehicle before - I picked up my Jeep from the dealer on July 01, 2020.

My experience has been, perhaps it is my particular dealer, communication has been less than expected. My dealer didn't know about the clutch recall, when the factory did close down and then reopened, my dealer didn't have any information as to how long it may take. My dealer didn't know that once my Jeep was built it was on it's way to the yard. My dealer didn't notify me when my Jeep was delivered to the lot and was surprised when I showed him that my Jeep was actually already delivered and sitting on his lot.

After finalizing the purchase paperwork, my dealer gave me what I would call "the bums rush" out the door - basically giving me the keys and now get the hell off the lot.

Needless to say, I feel I had a bad experience... I expected more communication from my dealer.

My main point for those of you who have considered ordering a Manual Transmission. Now that mine has arrived, this is my experience.

I ordered the Jeep Willys, I was very surprised at how "tight" the Jeep is. I expected it to be a
"chatter box", meaning getting rattles from the removable top and various other things. The jeep is tight, no rattles or chatters in the fit.

I was very surprised with the clutch and how soft it is and the throw. I have owned many manual transmissions in the past and in addition to the Jeep, I still have other vehicles with manual transmissions.

The Jeep clutch is very soft. Yesterday while backing up a fairly steep, but short, incline and needing to somewhat slip the clutch, I smelled "clutch burn".

I'm hoping that the "FIX" for the clutch was a true fix - after all, the factory built my clutch after a fix was announced.

Another surprising thing is how HIGH the gearing is.

I find myself using lower gears longer than expected. 5th and 6th gears are saved until I have a long and level patch of highway - don't try picking up speed quickly while in 6th gear.

Another item I've posted about is the ESS system. This is a pain in the ass - but Chrysler has done a good job on helping out.

To have my Jeep turn it's self off after a second of "stopped motion" while at a stop is like nothing I have experienced before.

However, the Jeep re-starts very quickly without hesitation - it's just odd.

The "bypass button" works like a charm and as many have said before me, "...just push the button and your problems are solved" ...it works fine and really no need to buy after market products to over ride this system.


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Nov 16, 2019
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First of all: Congratulations on your new Jeep!

Yes, Jeep dealers are crap. Some more than others, but they are shades of brown. You will be very lucky to find a good one.

I didn't know manual transmission JLs came with ESS! I have an automatic: ESS bothered me at first but doesn't anymore. Having said that, I think ESS would bother me a lot if I had a manual transmission given that one expects the vehicle to do certain things once we have engaged a gear, have committed and are ready to go.


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