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Aug 14, 2018
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Olympia WA
2018 Ocean Blue JLUR , 1972 Waggy
Vehicle Showcase
Seeing everyone's build has inspired me to share the build my wife and I are doing on our Ocean Blue JLUR.
The goal is Overlanding and wheeling mostly around the NW with the over riding need to maintain it as a DD for my wife.

Only took us 6 days after picking it up to take it out for a little NW Pin striping on the brushy trails near home.

Mods to date

Purchased the Jeep Rubber Floor kit from our dealer. Had to go back and get the "gap hider" to make it all work. We have cloth interior and it turns out it doesn't ship with them from the factory. I dont think this will be our long term solution in the back as we need better coverage for wet dogs and Scuba Gear. I think a Canvasback JL 4 door cargo liner will be in our future. I see they even have a few option to cover the wheel wells.

Installed a Vector Off Road E-Track electronic mounting dock station. Using Ram mount holders for our phones and an iPad. Working well so far and the install only took 10 minutes. I need to get some better photos. i'll post them later

Been working on the new front bumper and winch install. Its been a slow go so far. We chose a Roam stubby front bumper after seeing it on another thread here. I really like how the bumper tucks the winch low and between the frame rails. I experienced a couple set backs with it that I've been working through. I've read it is was designed around a Warn but a have a Smittybilt X20 10k winch. It has taken a little massaging of mounting holes and top plate to get the winch to fit. With that solved I verified that I could get a set of Baja Designs Sport 2 LED Driving /Combo lights to fit in the tiny area left between the winch and frame mounts/shackle tabs. They look great and should be an improvement over the stock non LED fog lights. Hoping to test fit the whole assembly to the jeep this weekend before sending the bumper back out for a second powder coat.

Installed the Rhino Rack Aero Bar Gutter Mount Base and Bars so we could use our Thule roof box this winter for ski trips. They fit fine but I ended up switching them up. I moved the one marked front to the back and got a much better fit with both bars. The long term solution will be a Rhino Rack Pioneer platform to hold a roof top tent.




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