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Dec 8, 2017
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Before I trade my JK in for the JL I will be removing parts off of it and figure there are folks on here that might benefit....and I have just some other general garage cleaning Jeep stuff.

2 door Smittybilt XRC rock rails $100
2 door Smittybilt tube step rails (these are not armor, although they are metal they are thin and intended to be steps) $40
4 door JKU Rubicon stock rock rails $100
1 stock solid black front bumper $40
1 stock solid black rear bumper $40
1 XRC Gen2 rear bumper with swing away tire carrier, LED backup lights, D ring mounts, w/integrated hitch $500
Hi-lift jack hood mounts (jack not for sale) $20
2 x Rock Lobster red 2012 JK stock front fenders (metal portions, no flares or wells) $50 each
2 x trail mirrors with A pillar mounts (see photo)....$20

I will separate the tire carrier and bumper but would like to try and sell as a set first, D rings not included.

for all the 2 door items see these pics below for parts reference, front bumper/tires/wheels being ported to the JL and not for sale. Note I did not install the LED lights in the rear bumper...because I was a dumb:swear: and forgot to do it before putting the bumper on first. Did not feel like taking it back off to do it, but I have them with all their components and hardware in the box still.

Pick them up local (23321 zip) or I can work out a deal for shipping as I am a drop shipper (I use J&L for shipping, but will gladly do UPS if you want) BUYER PAYS SHIPPING!

PRICES ARE REASONABLY NEGOTIABLE MAKE AN OFFER! (I understand shipping can get expensive so I am willing to work with ya!)

20882200_1785017231512852_5419917043142322737_n (1).jpg
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