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Roundup of autosound debuts; Sony, Alpine, Clarion to create big noise with miniature disc; others focus on CD

Kenwood, Jensen, Victor Company of Japan, Pioneer, Sony and Sherwood are offering fresh pull-out CD players, speakers and cassette stereos with all the latest in sound technology. Details of every company's new products are presented.

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CHICAGO--Even Though Sony, Alpine and Clarion will steal a great deal of thunder using the first car Mini Disc units in the Consumer Electronics Show later this season, additional top-flight suppliers have signaled they'll wait till '93 to launch automobile DCC, focusing instead on advanced compact disc and CD-related items.


When some firms are are downplaying new cellular electronics products in this show, retailers have a good deal of fresh autosound from which to choose, as ultra-small CD changers and a half DIN-sized DSP unit rate a fresh lineup of detachable-face head units, amplifiers and speakers in just about every configuration and price point. What follows is a summary of autosound shown lately to dealers or set to debut at CES.


Jensen has a brand new powered CD receiver as well as two bridgeable amplifiers, two digital equalizer/amplifiers, a passive picture equalizer and its first switchable digital crossover.

The DIN pullout CD player, the CD9520 ($399), is a 40 watt, four station switchable unit. The device sports a 16-bit D/A converter and features an anti-shock mechanism which keeps the music smooth whilst on the road.

Jensen's brand new bridgeable 350 volt amplifier, the A322LX ($289) and 250 watt amplifier, the A222HX ($209) are equally Mosfet powered and will operate in to 2 and 4 ohm loads.

Jensen's two fresh graphic equalizers, the EQA111 ($132) and EQA78 ($109) offer a choice of 10-band using 40 watts or 7 ring with 30 watts. Both feature adjustable, center-dented slide controls to boost or reduce response, high/low level inputs and boost/bypass button. Power level indicators and a fader controller are standard.

The PEQ70 ($139) combines a 7 group passive graphic equalizer using subwoofer crossover and separate subwoofer outputs.


Two in-dash CD receivers, an 18 disc charger, appropriately dubbed, CD Tank, two CD changer controllers along with a six disc changer are a part of JVC's new line-up.

Two in-dash CD receivers, the XL-G3700 ($399) and the XL-G2700 ($379) have eight times oversampling digital filter plus double D/A converter also utilizes direct CD loading, 3 beam laser pickup and a track/error recovery system. The G3700, that is a pull-out, has 52 watts maximum power; the G2700 has 44 watts maximum power. The two units will be available in July.

The XL-MG1800 ($729) CD Tank contains three magazines holding 18 disc and includes a multi-unit expansion terminal that couples into another device allowing for increased disc capacity. Up to six tanks could be connected to adapt 108 discs. The device is equipped with a dual insulation anti-shock mechanism along with also a brushless spindle motor for increased disc security. It may be mounted horizontally or vertically. What size are the speakers in my car

2 CD changer controllers, the KS-RM18 ($259) and also the KS-RF1 ($179) are available in July and May, respectively. The KS-RF1 has an integrated stereo modulator.


Kenwood reported at press time quite a few new products. The KDS-P100 (not priced) is the first half DIN-sized DSP from the industry, according to the organization. Features include digital listening position management with five factory presets, electronic 7-band graphic equalizer with six factory presets, 1-bit DAC, independent digital/analog power supply, super surround, direct subwoofer output and switchable illumination (green or amber).

The KDC-C800 (not priced at press time) is exactly what Kenwood claims is the smallest 10 disc changer in the industry. It is compatible with Kenwood changer controllers. Other features include four 1-bit D/A converters, eight times oversampling, twin sterile Pulse Drive-- a proprietary technologies--3-beam laser pickup with shock resistant suspension and anti-vibration balancing transport.

Also new for Spring in Kenwood, are just two brand new series of Mosfet power amplifiers.

Kenwood's KDC-C600 ($429) is among the smallest 10-disc changers from the industry, according to the organization.


Expanding its line of automotive multi-play CD players, Pioneer introduced the CDX-FM38 ($670), an FM regulated system incorporating a wireless remote. The remote controls instant track programming, automated journal programming and CD pause, in addition to monitor up/down, play, disc and power on/off. The participant could be mounted at any angle, whereas the remote display can be flush mounted for improved cosmetics.

Pioneer is offering multi-play CD controller and detachable face security on its latest cassette headunits, available for June delivery. Featuring upgraded cosmetics, the Premier KEH-M580 ($370), KEH-M5500 ($360), KEH-M4500 ($330) and also the GEH-M2000 ($280) all feature 25 watts by two or 15 watts by 4, separate bass and treble, selectable fader and volume/balance controls.

All models offer a vast selection of CD management functions, such as 16-magazine/32-track programmability and automated magazine program selection. The instant track programming feature allows consumers to listen to a series of songs and store the sequence for playoff in precisely the same sequence at a later moment. Also included are emphasize scan, monitor and disc music repeat, random play and audible fast forward and reverse. Each of four headunits have an RCA preout that enables users the option of adding an equalizer, multiple power amps to get extra speakers. Each has a liquid crystal display, floral lighting along with a clock.

Pioneer is enlarging its speaker offerings together with all the introductions of its 8-ohm rated 12-inch TS-W3018C ($106 per), 10-inch TS-W2518C ($91 per), 10-inch TS-W2018C ($76 per) part subwoofers, TS-C1601 ($211) part speaker package along with TS-T21 ($111) softdome tweeter.


Sherwood's top notch AM/FM/CD headunits is your company's first that houses controls for a Sherwood CD changer. The XCM-6820 ($575) will likely be available in June, has a detachable faceplate with eight times oversampling plus a 1-bit DAC. The device powers 100 total watts. Also with a removable faceplate, is your XC-6810P ($475, a CD receiver with 25 watts/2 channels, 4-times oversampling and double DAC.

Two head units may power the new changer--the XR-4814 ($300) and also the XR-3814 ($250).

Also new this show is a second generation of automobile component speakers (Read more: https://carspeakerland.com). The SX-6M ($90 per set) is a 6.5-inch mid-bass; SX-5M ($70) is a 5.25-inch mid; a 1-inch tweeter, the SX-2T ($80); and also the SX-1T ($65) is a .75-inch tweeter.

A luxury active electronic crossover, the XN-5000 ($200) may be used at a three- or - five-way configuration and offers selectable ring pass filter controller front, rear and subwoofer channels.


Sony has revamped its cellular electronics line-up with the introduction of 45 new models in 1992. Eight of 10 in-dash receivers are pull-out units, or employ detachable face security.

In total, four units around outside the company's 1992 in-dash CD/receiver lineup, beginning with the double 18-bit CDX-4040 ($380), offering high power output signal and stereo inputs. Advancing into the high finish, the 1 piece CDX-U8000 ($680) using UniLink port and CD changer control features a high voltage DC-DC converter, detachable face security and stereo inputs.

Sony reduced the size of its DiscJockey CD changer by 20 percent and is introducing three brand new changers. The CDX-U300 ($470) and thee CDX-U500 ($620) offer the UniLink port and allow users to assign disc name, memory and volume settings for up to 110 discs. The CDX-A55 ($470) is recently designed and provides a BUS interface. The U300 and A55 are also available as whole RF modulator packages.

Five brand new amplifiers are Mosfet supplied. Stepping around 150 watts is your XM-6020 ($280). The 180 watts XM-C6000 ($980) combines two independent Mosfet power supplies using an active crossover system.

Sony also is selling a brand new line of part two-way speakers. The XS-HL25 ($145), XS-HL26 ($175), XS-HK35 ($215) and XS-HL36 ($230) employ separate part woofers and tweeters using crossovers mounted right on the speaker for easy installation. Also selling are double cone speakers and respective element drivers.

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