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May 23, 2019
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Hi All!

Can someone please break it down simply on what things I should routinely be checking to making sure the Jeep Is good and maintained? I’m sure it’s no different than other car maintence, but just a general todo/checklist will be really helpful!

Check Monthly:
- oil check
- engine coolant check

- oil change and tire rotation every 6,000 miles


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Aug 18, 2020
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Retired auto tech here - and the use of my particular Jeep is lots of miles on corrugated roads/snow etc. No crawling (outside of a few fun sections of the Utah BDR), but I find lots of driving on non-paved roads is actually harder on vehicles than occasional slow-speed crawling (disregarding body damage from hitting something).

I do oil 3x a year, never exceeding 5k per interval. Coolant checked monthly as per the owners manual. Tire rotation every 6k. Brake fluid and coolant changed every 30k, diff fluid done once a year in December. I roll under the jeep on a creeper when I do oil changes to inspect the undercarriage, and look over the engine once a month or so with a flashlight along major oil seal areas. Transfer case fluid every 30k as well. ATF I usually do once a year, too, but the sealed nature of the new 8speed is a bit of a pain. Still deciding when I want to mess with it, but it damn sure will not be longer than 60k and definitely not "forever fluid" which is what FCA says =P. I also put my JL on a battery tender every night when I park it. These things are battery sensitive for sure, and it's an extra 30 seconds when I get home for peace of mind.

Bigger stuff:
If they're factory, I replace shocks at 60k, and ujoints/ball joints at 90k. (I have my own press and tools for this) Usually I replace them with Old Man Emu on the shocks if going aftermarket, and nothing but genuine Dana Spicer joints.

At 100k, it's time for control arm bushings including the ones on top of the axle or new control arms if they're single piece.

Also around 100k I do all the body seals: doors, rear glass, etc. On the JL I'm watching very closely the flimsy rubber pieces in the corners of door jams. I'm guessing they will go sooner.

The notion here isn't bare minimum, and thus these aren't recommendations - these are what I do - and I'm aware some of them exceed the recommended intervals. If you are a person who piles highway miles on a jeep, the most commonly used gear is 8th fully locked up on the torque converter or 6th in the manual, and the suspension isn't really working very hard for the miles added, then of course this likely isn't what you need/want to do. I like keeping things in tip top shape for exploring off road, though, so that's the basis of these intervals.
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