INTRODUCING: The A.I.R. Device from Oracle Lighting


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Oct 7, 2019
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The A.I.R. Device, a PATENT PENDING personal Antimicrobial Irradiation Respirator, designed to disinfect incoming air. This device is integrated with LEDs which emit ultraviolet (UV) light. The function of the Solo is to aid in sterilization of air being inhaled to and exhaled out of the respirator mask. The irradiation of the light utilizes photons to disinfect inhaled air. UV light damages a pathogen’s DNA or RNA, which prevents it from replicating and infecting the body if inhaled. While the main function of the invention is air sterilization, the secondary function is to sterilize the fabric filter itself. The light is oriented in a way that the filter (cloth face mask, N95, surgical mask, etc.) has a long exposure to the UV light which disinfects and kills biological material trapped in the filter material.

N95 masks have been the go-to PPE for preventing exposure to COVID-19, but these only filter 95% of particulate. Combined with the use of the AIR device, implemented ultraviolet lighting would neutralize the remaining five percent while sanitizing the contaminated mask at the same time. Because of the unique UV irritation benefits, the AIR device is an excellent solution for mitigating exposure to COVID-19 and other dangerous pathogens by giving an extra layer of virus defense.


The AIR device is composed of an anti-microbial polymer cover which is worn on the face. The user wears a face mask (cloth mask, surgical mask, N95, etc.), over the device. A small rechargeable battery pack powers the device's disinfecting UV-C LEDs. The LEDs give off UV light exposure, which inactivates viruses, bacteria, and pathogens. The spectrum of ultraviolet light is separated into various ranges, with shortest-wavelength referred to as UV-C; which is considered “germicidal UV”. For years, hospitals and labs have used UV light for disinfection and medical sanitation against viruses. While UV is part of the normal spectrum of sunlight, it can cause sunburn with long exposure. This was taken into account during the AIR development. The device's UV light is directed away from the user, preventing any direct skin exposure.

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