installing diabolical slipstream


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Feb 2, 2019
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San Francisco
im going through the painful and poorly documented install for a diabolical slipstream.

Finally found American jeeper’s install video - The diabolical folks should reference that video as it’s far better than anything else out there.

Thanks American Jeeper!


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Jul 12, 2019
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Los Gatos, CA
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For others who may run across this post..

This video was super helpful for install since it has a ton of information the Diabolical video did not have - but it also had some mistakes.

AJ puts two pieces of foam on the wing walls. You should only need once piece down each side. I ended up peeling the second piece off after the wing wall was installed - it wasn't touching any metal. Not a huge deal but just a step you can avoid. Only the sides sit on the paint of the vehicle, the second piece of foam ended up not being needed.

The process for getting the passenger side installed over the subwoofer is not covered properly - use the diabolical video for info on that or you won't be able to tighten the farthest bolt on the right front to attach the passenger wing wall to the front frame - it's unreachable.

The video shows attaching both front frames to the 3/4 bolts, and attaching the front door to the frames before you start installing the frame rails. This is the wrong order if you have the subwoofer.

You have to assemble the passenger front frame, side frame rail, and wing wall together ahead of time and slip it on as one unit. Then you need to slide the wing wall into place using the technique from the diabolical video. Then after the hard top holes line up nicely and you tighten down the bolts, then attach the front frame to the 3/4 bolt but don't tighten the 3/4 all down just yet. This should be one of the first steps you do on this install before anything else.

Be careful with the gap cover removal - I permanently damaged mine and it needs replacement now.

In the video he also has the optional tie downs attached to the horizontal frame rails during install. This is incorrect. You will see that he removes those later - thats 5 or so bolts on each side that will just waste some time to remove again. You want to leave those off until last. You want to get the wing walls over the installed frame rails, then the tie downs on top of that last. Watch a lot of videos! good luck!

Not to be critical of American Jeepers video - I appreciate the time and energy to put that video together for us, it's a lot of work. So much thanks for that. Just wanted to save some time for folks with the issues I ran into during my install when referencing it.

Diabolical JL w subwoofer install video:
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