If your 392 is wondering all over the road



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Sep 14, 2018
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Irvine CA
18 JLUR 6 speed 2021 JLUR 392
How funny that you say that, and even funnier is how many dealers say that no matter what the issue is. I was even told by the Jeep Service Manager that you can not put 35"s on a Rubicon, and proceeded to take him into the showroom and show him the big poster showing a Rubicon being able to wear a set of 35`s right from the factory

When you tell them something that they do not know, based on their look and further questioning they proceed to say that they remember that but it slipped their mind. Like the first JL`S having a second battery under the main battery, or the Jeep Easter Eggs like the dead pedal having Morse code on it
Well it’s a jeep thing. Back in 2018, I took the ignition key matched locking gas cap in dealer to have them key to my key. Parts guy told my it’s a “laser cut key” they can’t do it. Service advisor saying it’s for a JK not JL, then they took it to the monkey mechanic and they said it’s aftermarket they can’t do it. Then I just realized why not just call a locksmith I’m so stupid to walk in that dealer door. Locksmith get it done in 10 mins $20……it’s just a Jeep thing….they are just shady people lacking integrity, will swear on they mother and lie to their kids just to save their face looking good..

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