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    Here's my review for a set of Husky floor liners I just installed. I picked up a set of front, 2nd row and cargo floor liners from Northridge4x4 for $310. The front and 2nd row are their X-Act Contour model and the cargo is their Weatherbeater.

    History. I ran Husky diamond pattern liners in my old TJs and loved them. I ran a couple different liners in my JKs and in my last one had the AEV liners front and 2nd row with the Mopar cargo mat. Of all the liners over the years, I liked the AEV/Mopar combo in the JK the best. I'd buy AEV today if they were making them for the JL.

    I looked at a number of options for my JL. I narrowed it down to the Husky and Weathertech. Ultimately, the price was very similar and what put me over with Husky was the perception that the 2nd row had better coverage. And I liked the black logo of the Husky better. LOL.

    Overall: I don't love these, but they are good and I will be content.

    Front Liners: Shipped flat in a quality box. Material is kind of rubbery, which I like. Color and coverage are good. Fit is not perfect. On either side it bows out in places and does not lay flat. You can see this in the pictures. Not real happy with that and maybe once we get some Texas heat, they'll work themselves out. IDK. Otherwise, its good and I'll go with it.

    2nd Row Liner: Shipped folded over in flat box. Material is kind of rubbery, which I like. Once piece design, which is great for coverage. When I pulled it out of the box it looked kind of gray. There is some kind of oil film on it that is detracting from its blackness. I think manufacturing. Needed to wash the Jeep so I washed it. Can't say it came off completely but did improve. Installed anyway. Provide excellent coverage. Coverage of this piece is probably the best thing out of the entire set.

    Cargo Liner: This one came rolled up in a box. No surprise there. Took it inside and laid it flat to work out the roll. It's the same harder material they've used for years for their cargo mats and also what they used back in the TJ days. Its tough, kind of thin but gets the job done with great coverage. Nice lip all the way around. I used a utility knife to make small 2" slits so the tie down points can poke through on the four corners. If Mopar released a full coverage rubbery cargo liner like they had for the JK, I'd replace this Husky with it. Otherwise, it is fine and will get the job done.





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