How to solve most of the corruption

Kluk Ztopolovky

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Jul 12, 2019
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  1. Term limits. No member in the house and Senate can serve more than 2-3 terms at most
  2. No more lawyers, we've have enough serving, think last count was 90%
  3. They're public servants, not the ruling class, thus their salaries are slashed and they don't get special treatment
  4. People can't vote for senators anymore, has to be done the old fashioned way
  5. No family member, or ex congressman/senator can be a lobbyist or serve on any special board. Anyone caught violating such act will be punished to the full extent of the law
  6. No more insider trading or anything, and any law they pass for we the people, they're the first to deal with it, no more exemptions
  7. All members and their staff will be drug tested at random, without warning and anyone testing positive for illicit substances will be dealt with
  8. At the end of their term, everything they've said and done will be out in the open for the people to see and judge
Just a few things, feel free to add anything or comment, though 90% of the problem would be solved with term limits
unsolvable, give it up , better plant a tree and drink water if you wish to safe the world
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