Hi Lift Jack and mounting options.


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Nov 12, 2020
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2021 JL Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited.
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Hello everyone. Because I plan on doing a ton of off roading, volunteer work in doing both on and off road vehicle rescue and/or recovery and because I live in a pretty rural area of the country that also has pretty severe weather on several occasions throughout the year, I am going to be adding at least a very minimum of 1 Hi Lift Jack and their accessories to keep in my vehicle but maybe, also keep in or with the vehicle a second Hi Lift Jack for redundancy, should something on the first jack break and I would then need to be able to go and get the back up Hi Lift jack to use instead. I am a big time believer in always having redundancy and/or back up systems continuously put in place because the 1 time something important happens and is occurring, the back up system will pay for itself. Much like the old saying goes, “I would much rather have something and never need it than be in a situation where I need something and then not have it!”

1 of the areas that I have seen some Hi Lift jacks mounted at was on top of the roll bar, inside of the individuals Jeep. My first question in regards to mounting the jack in that location is, what is the best mounting system to go with in that location and that does not require me to drill any holes into any part of my vehicle whatsoever. (A 2021 JL Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon.)

My next question in regards to mounting a Hi Lift jack in that location attached to the roll bar, is in relation to the size of the jack and how big it can be? I know that a 48” Hi Lift jack will definitely work but I was curious if a 60” Hi Lift jack would also work as well, and would still be able to be mounted in that same location as also? Or would a 60” Hi Lift jack be too long to fit in that 1 location across the roll bar? If anyone knows the answer to that last question in regards to if a 60” Hi Lift jack would be able to be mounted on the roll bar, or if it would be too long in order to do so, any help in answering that 1 question, would be very much appreciated!

Last, in regards to mounting the Hi Lift jack on either my stock back bumper tire carrier, on the side or sides of the Jeep, just in front of the mirrors, which mounting system and locking system would be the best to go with? I’m open to any external mounting systems and locations on my Jeep, except for the hood. If it matters, I have the steel bumper group from the factory on my Jeep. Same thing too with the more heavy duty and better beefed up rear tire carrier and hinges. For any options on the front bumper, it would have to be in the very front of the winch, which is a Warn Zeon 12-S winch. The reason why I would need the Hi Lift jack only mounted in front of the Winch on the front bumper is because I have a front bumper hoop with off road lights going on it and onto other areas on the side of the front bumper too. And so as a result of that, the only front bumper location that would be an option for me to be able to mount 1 of the jacks on the front bumper, would have to be in front of the winch and light bar hoop.

Thanks everyone for any help and/or advice that you can give.


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Jan 16, 2020
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New Jersey
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Thanks for helping keep trails clear and maintained. Sounds like fun too.

The Dominion Off Road mount seems to be the roll bar mount you are talking about. It has options to carry a shovel and ax as well. As for the 60" across the top there, nope. Just look at the roll bar there and ask yourself if it looks five feet across. Don't remember any specific bumper mounts right now, but someone on here sure does.

If you absolutely insist on carrying two, I'd recommend breaking one, or both, down. That's how I carry mine. The bar and handle fit pretty well on the floor, and the foot, mechanism and top go in a bag. You can also fit an assembled 48" under the rear seat of a 4-door. And inside the cabin prevents rusty, dusty, tools.

Now I'm a pretty firm believer in "two is one, and one is none", but carrying two farm jacks seems like extreme overkill even to me, and I have propane, butane, alcohol, (2) wood stoves in the jeep at all times, and uncountable cutting tools and means of starting fire. I can't even think of a situation where you would need two farm jacks with only one person. And if there's another person involved, make them carry an extra jack in their own jeep.

If you are really worried about breaking one, carry the repair kit. It has the shear bolt, springs and pins. If you can manage to break any other part out in the field, that probably means, "Stop, do this differently or get more people and equipment".

As for the 60", get the rollbar mount, put a 48" on it and buy an extra 60" bar, then you have an additional spare part. Moving a random object with the max height of the 60" sounds dangerous though. Look up the specs, the max weight capacity doesn't apply to the top of the 60". Maybe if you're using it to push or clamp something horizontally, but if that's the case, just shove it with the jeep!

If you really want to spend the money on two, I'd look into a single Hi-lift First Responder jack instead. Man, I really wanted that thing, but found an Extreme for $70 and couldn't justify the additional cost. The base would be super useful for you in moving random objects and bracing.

If you want to look cool, two 60" red jacks on door hinge mounts on either side would be pretty snazzy. But please use covers to keep your tools, and thus yourself, in good condition.

Thanks again, I hope to travel one of your trails someday.

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