Help with configuration / pricing on 2020 Sahara Altitude


Feb 10, 2020
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Any thoughts on the configuration below? I am a first-time Jeep buyer. The Jeep will be a daily-driver, 99.9% city driving, mostly NOT on the highway, I drive at most 10K miles a year. We had a Sport as a rental last year and liked it--I assume the Sahara will be a little more luxurious. Pretty much all I care about is a nice/loud stereo, cold-weather package, and flexibility in removing top as weather allows.

Pricing: I used the "Build Your Own" tool to spec out my preferred 2020 Sahara Altitude. I am trying to use the Order Guide to figure out the "Invoice" price on my configuration, but I am apparently too dense to figure this out! I tried to keep the options pretty minimal--most of the Sahara Altitudes I see on dealer lots have 2 or 3 additional packages I don't want.

My configuration:

  • 2020 Sahara Altitude
  • Granite Crystal Metallic paint
  • Altitude 18-in. stock gloss-black wheels
  • Dual-Top Group - I like the idea of a hard top in winter and a soft-top for warmer weather so I can take it on and off frequently...does this make sense or am I not envisioning real life with a Jeep? We live in a relatively urban environment and the Jeep is parked outside 24/7 -- no garage.
  • Black leather
  • All-weather floor mats
  • Remote-Start System
  • 8.4" Radio and Premium Audio Group (w/Alpine)
  • Cold Weather Group
  • 3.6L V6 24V VVT - Is this the "3.6L" engine which is often mentioned as the proven, reliable option? (Not trying to start 3.6 v. 2.0 debate, just clarifying)
  • 8-Speed Auto 850RE
JEEP.COM "NET PRICE" is $50,935. - Is this the same as MSRP using the Order Guide?

I would like to have an idea what "Invoice" would be on this, so I can shop it around to dealers and intelligently negotiate a deal, but I am not sure I am reading the Order Guide correctly.

Based on what I have read from other Kansas City-area folks, seems like Gladstone and Lee's Summit DCJ are both good dealers to order with.
Thanks - and love the forum, I have been spending WAY too much time reading threads here. :like:



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Jan 10, 2020
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The MSRP is the sticker price and will be what shows, and you can see the components making up the price in the summary part of the website after you do your build.
The way the pricing guide on this website (stickied post) works is that there are essentially two numbers for every price component.

Once you find the numbers from that make up the total on the price guide, you just have to find the corresponding invoice price next to it in the guide.

Ie. If Jeep says your cost is 46,500. In the summary of it will say base price 37,000 + altitude package 4,000 + safety group 4,000 + destination 1,500 = 46,500.
In the pricing guide, next to those numbers will be a second number (called FWD or something) that you add up. 36,000 + 3,000 + 3,500 + 1,500 = 44,000. That is invoice.

So step 1 is finding the components that made up MSRP in the guide.

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