*HELP* Lift, wheels, tires advice


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Nov 25, 2018
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Los Angeles
Hey everyone,

Fairly new Jeep owner here. I got my JLU Rubicon about 6 months ago and wanted to leave it stock for a bit to see how everything works. I've been exploring the trails here in Southern California and have found the Jeep to be super capable in stock form.

Having said that, it's definitely time to put on a lift, new wheels and tires. Doing my research online, I have to say this is super confusing as there are SO many options!

I know for sure that I want 37's... I like the look and what I will be able to do with them.

Now comes the hard part... I originally thought this would be easy and I would just get the Mopar lift, some Nittos and maybe new wheels (or leave the stock wheels for a while and get some spacers). Then I read all of the negative reviews on the Mopar lift and started researching all of the other options.

My goal is really to get something that I can upgrade so I can do it in stages and add on as I go.

Of course, I've called about 4 or 5 shops here in So Cal and gotten different opinions from each shop. Mainly, I have to say I've been disappointed because I've told them I don't want to go "all the way" and spend a ton from the beginning, and they have each tried to sell me the most expensive stuff available.

For lifts, I was thinking Evo Stage 1 or 2 (are the lower control arms necessary or can they be added later?) or something comparable that I can do in stages.

For tires, I looked at the Nitto Trail Grapplers and Ridge Grapplers, and also the Milestars. All the local shops did not have great things to say about the Milestars, so I'll probably cross those off the list.

Anyhow, would love some advice on the best direction to take.