Granite w/ Rims - HELP !


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May 23, 2019
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Guntersville, AL
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Hi All - I am amazed at what all of you have done so far with your new arrivals !!. I have everything selected for my new Granite Sahara except for Rims ! . Im a Remodeling designer by trade so I didnt think this would be an issue but I was wrong !!

So many Black rims I see everyday in travel I wanted to do something different but the Granite color is more of a challenge than I thought . I have worked the Configurator's and visualizers on many wheel sites , Ive googled granite jeeps with new rims to maybe help with stepping outside the box hoping to narrow down my choices . Ive gone to 2 local jeep custom shops and they tend to lean towards black as well .

Because of what I do for a living and work with Million dollar homes and owners I kinda want to keep some perspective and not go to overboard when Im pulling into there driveways . Then again ,,,,Its a jeep ...a 2018 JEEP !! and it deserves to stand out !!!

Maybe Im complicating it or over thinking it But could really use my fellow Jeep members opinions and ideas, I thank you all who have taken the time to read this and give me your input !!!!!!

Attached are some ideas :





The stock wheels look great. I only have Rubicon take off because it was cheaper to buy the wheels and tires take offs. Once I lift I will have the original upgraded Sahara wheels put back on with 33” or 35” tires.
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