Gommet or Freedom panel routing for roof lighting


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Mar 6, 2018
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Audi SQ5, Jeep JLU
I am finally installing a rhino rack this weekend and I'm adding a few light options. For both the driver and passenger sides I'll be installing a KC 2" C-Series C2 LED flood; I may install a pair per side but I want to see how much light is being thrown with a single light first. For rear facing, I plan to install a pair of the 2" C2 LED backup flood; I think the primary difference is the wiring harness is longer between the rear and the non-rear options.

The question I have is how should I route the wiring to the Aux switches. I want to control the driver side, passenger side and rear lights all independently with a switch per lighting group. I could see a scenario where I route (1) the rear light harness through the rear lift glass window area and then up to the passenger panel aux wiring connections and (2) the side facing light harnesses through the freedom panels seams. This approach would mean no drilling but I may susceptible to wind noise, whistling and/or leaks. Option 2 is drill more holes in the roof. For option 2, I was thinking a single grommet on the passenger side just behind the passenger door where I can chase all wires through the roof and cleanly hide them behind panels and carpet as I route to the aux wiring on the passenger floor board area. I could also see a scenario where I would have multiple grommets but ideally I would like a single grommet to reduce the number of holes in the roof.

I look forward to hearing how others are doing this and if thoughts on what best practice might look like.


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