JL (2DR) For Sale: Front & Rear Trackbar Relocation Brackets


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Feb 13, 2019
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Boston, MA
HellaYella 2019 JLUR
These brackets raise your track bar attachment point up a little on JLs with bigger lifts in order to get the trackbar geometry and roll center back more to stock angles. I'd only recommend them for lifts higher than 3.5 inches. In my case the lift on my JLUR (Mopar 2") was not high enough to benefit from these - they actually made handling worse. So they are not for everyone - but a must for JLs and JLUs with taller 4-6" lifts.

The FRONT one is the SteerSmarts YETI XDTM JL/JLU Track Bar Relocation Bracket which retails for $149 and the REAR one is the EVO Manufacturing Rear Raised Trackbar Bracket which retails for $179. Both are very beefy units with sturdy hardware. They are essentially brand new - I put them on, went out with them one time, took them off - well less than 100 miles total.

With shipping, the pair cost me $349 out of pocket. The pair are yours for $175 + $25 shipping. Both are an easy install - I got the pair on in about 2 hours and got them off in about 30 mins. All hardware and instructions included. Good as new.

If you are interested, drop a comment or question with your email address. Thanks!

Evo Mfg. Rear Relocation Bracket.jpg

SteerSmarts YETI Front Relocation Bracket.jpg


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