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Dec 21, 2018
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WBGO View, 2019 2d Wrangler Rubicon
We were new to flat towing behind our MH, so we made a checklist. Suggestions are welcome, of course and note some aspects of our setup may be different from yours. We have Maximus-3 "tow loops" instead of a "baseplate", a Cooltech wiring harness (to switch control of the Jeep's signal and brake lights), and an RVi3 Brake unit. Not part of the process, but in place, are an RVi battery charger and always hot 12v outlet under the dash. This list works for us, but of course you should follow the owner's manual and per your own equipment and conditions.

Connecting the Jeep
  1. MH in park with parking brake set, engine off. Park as level as possible. Turn on RVi tablet and hub, make sure they have power and are seeing each other. Get out the bag of cables for the tow-bar.
  2. Drive the Jeep up behind the MH. With the engine running, set the parking brake, foot on the brake, put the transmission in NEUTRAL. Turn the engine OFF. Shift transfer case to NEUTRAL. Start the engine, foot on the brake, release parking brake, look at the instrument screen in the dash to verify transfer case is in NEUTRAL and/or shift into D and R wait 5 seconds in each gear to verify the transfer case is NEUTRAL. Set parking brake, turn off engine. Shift the transmission into PARK.
  3. Gloves on!
  4. MH: remove and stow tow-bar cover.
  5. Rotate and unfold tow-bar, inspect it, point legs at Jeep, latches on tow-bar should be top. Connect one leg to the Jeep tow loops at a time. Make sure safety pins are correctly installed.
  6. Connect safety cables to the MH and Jeep tow loops. Cables should be under the tow-bar and cross each other.
  7. Connect red coiled umbilical cable to MH and Jeep, make sure connector covers latch on the cable ends. Cable on top of tow-bar.
  8. Connect the breakaway cable to MH and connection on Jeep. Cable on top of the tow bar.
  9. Double check all pins, connections, and clasps. Stow the cable bag and gloves in the MH.
  10. Release parking brake.
  11. Flip the switch under Jeep passenger seat to TOW. Check all signal and brake lights on Jeep / MH.
  12. Get out the RVi Brake unit and setup in driver’s footwell with the back end 1” from the rise in the floor at the seat. Attach claw to brake pedal.
  13. Plug in breakaway cable, then plug in the 12v power for the RVi Brake. Follow audio directions to setup brake unit.
  14. Get in the MH and verify connectivity between RVi Brake, hub, and tablet.
  15. Jeep off, windows up, lock the doors. Walk around both vehicles for final check.
  16. Drive the MH forward a few feet to verify Jeep wheels are free-turning. Verify both legs of tow-bar lock.
  17. Drive forward slowly and check brakes. Drive away to adventure. . .

Disconnecting the Jeep

  1. MH in park with parking brake set, engine off. Park as level as possible. Get out the bag for cables and the cover for the tow-bar.
  2. Flip the switch under passenger seat to JEEP.
  3. Set the Jeep parking brake.
  4. In the Jeep, disconnect the breakaway and power cables to the RVi Brake unit. Disconnect the claw from the brake pedal and stow the claw arm in the unit. Remove the RVi Brake unit, put it in the storage bag and stow in the MH.
  5. Start the Jeep engine, press and hold the brake pedal, shift the transmission from PARK to NEUTRAL. Owner's Manual says turn engine off, but we can not seem to do the next step unless the engine is running.
  6. Shift the transfer case to 2H. Shift the transmission to PARK. Release brake pedal.
  7. Gloves on!
  8. Disconnect and stow the breakaway cable, umbilical cable, and safety cables.
  9. Disconnect the tow-bar, fold it up, rotate into position parallel with back of MH. Put the cover on it.
  10. Stow the bag of cables and gloves in the MH.
  11. Get in the Jeep, release parking brake, put Jeep in REVERSE and back up slowly.
  12. Check all signal and brake lights on the Jeep.
  13. Walk around final check. Drive the Jeep somewhere fun.

* 03.31.19 edited with further refinements
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