First Jeep Wave Service and Steering Damper Replacement


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Jul 5, 2019
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South Jersey USA
2019 Jeep Wrangler Sport S, 1999 F250 Diesel, 2007 Mustang GT, 2015 Escape
Just before the quarantine went into full force, I had my first free Jeep Wave service performed at my local dealership, Spirit CDJR in Swedesboro, NJ. This is a small town dealership that isn't even big enough to have a showroom with vehicles. I know there are a lot of Wrangler owners in this group who would rather die than have someone else work on their Jeep. I am mostly the same way because (1) I don't trust anyone to do the job right and (2) I am a notorious cheapskate and I can always do it cheaper myself than paying someone else to do it.

However, since free is cheaper than me doing it, I thought I would bring my Wrangler Sport S V6 manual to the dealer for its first service at 6 months and 3500 miles. See (2) above about me being a cheapskate. After the service, I checked the invoice (attached) and confirmed that they used FIVE quarts of oil. I also confirmed this by looking at the dipstick. They also used (per the invoice) the correct Mopar 0w20 oil, which according to the Mopar Chemical Catalog I found online ( is described as a "Platinum Synthetic" oil, which I believe is made by Pennzoil.

They also rotated the tires as part of this service. This was done correctly except for a couple of lug nuts that were not torqued correctly; they were pretty close, just needed a little more grunt per my torque wrench.

Finally, the steering damper recall had been done before I took delivery at a different dealership; my dealer, Spirit, got the Jeep from the other dealer because they did not have a manual transmission 2 door in stock. When I checked the damper, I found that it had been installed upside down (surprise!). When I told them about it, they installed a new damper (correctly), no questions asked,

So, a pretty positive experience with this dealer. I will being my Jeep for the remaining free services and hope that they continue to do a good job.