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Jul 4, 2021
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To be fair, that $1000 doesn't just upgrade the headlights and foglights from halogen to LED. He got the original "factory option" version of the LED Headlamps (withLED bulbs, and its unique headlight assembly that includes the halo daytime running lights) and his VIN is registered as having those LED options as dealer-installed.

For my 2021 Wrangler JLUR, I went to Amazon and purchased the list of LED bulbs suggested by robinja. I installed them in my Wrangler, and everything worked just fine out of the box. I did not have to have the dealer or a Tazer JL Mini input the code which tells my Jeep that I switched to LED bulbs. But let's be honest, I don't have the halo daytime running lights, and my VIN still shows that I have the stock halogen bulbs. The upside here is that I only forked out about $100 to Amazon.

In the end, what direction you choose can be a combination of what you know (originally, I managed to falsely convince myself I had to install a whole new headlamp assembly to get the LED lights), what parts you want to use (Mopar, third party), what your ultimate goal is (I like the Halo DLR, and I like having my VIN showing LED lamps as dealer installed, but neither one was a must-have), and how much you're willing to pay for those things (I was unwilling to pay a premium for either).

$1,000 wasn't a wrong choice for a headlight and fog light LED upgrade. I think he got much better results than I did for $100. That $900 different may or may not be worth it to you. And in the middle, you're going to find all sorts of third party LED headlight assemblies with different layouts that look quite cool.
Couldn’t have said it better. I’d planned on the cost when I was building it on-line, so was already prepared to spend the money. Yes, there are less expensive solutions. But for better or worse I’m a “do it once and do it right” (or better put, the way you really want to do it) then get on with life. No regrets, and not that I’ll ever sell this Jeep, but the completist in me can rest knowing that it’s now how I’d have ordered him from the factory.

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