Arizona Entire JL audio Stereo system and 7 inch uconnect


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Oct 13, 2019
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Phoenix, Arizona
2019 Jeep Wrangler JLU Sport S
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Entire JL audio sound system for sale. I am trading in my jeep so taking all of this off in the next week. This has everything you need to have a fully capable sound system installed. I paid retail price for everything I think about 6-8 months ago give or take. No damage. If you have a 5 inch uconnect and the sound bar panels it would be a bonus because you could have my 6.5 inch soundbar adapters and ill take your stock panels. If not you would have to buy soundbar adapters. Everything retail is roughly $4000. Asking $3200 obo. Local offers only, would also be willong to meet at a car audio shop to have everything taken off my jeep and installed in yours. Also open to parting all of these out. Local on please. I am in Phoenix AZ. Thanks.

Jl audio Stealthbox

Jl audio m700 marine 5 channel amp

Jl audio amp bracket

4 JL audio C2-650x 6.5 in speakers and metra pods. Also have sound bar adapters.

amplifier adapter, i believe its called the pac amp pro

7in uconnect head unit

HVAC stack, if needed I will give you mine, to have volume control for those who currently have the 5 inch.

Taser JL mini needed if upgraded to the 7in or 8.4 inch and retain volume and A/C controls.

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