Drive home to pick up from St. Petersburg


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Apr 22, 2021
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2021 Sahara 4xe
I drove over from Boynton Beach to St Petersburg, FL to pick up my 4xe. It's about a 4 hour drive each way. Nicest car buying experience I've ever had!

Anyway, after the battery dropped down to <1% I decided to reset the trip computer and see what happened. It's been covered before but basically, you have a hybrid, rather than a capable, mostly full time EV. I reset the trip computer and it calculated out roughly 24.1 MPG. The Mustang, 10 HP shy of 500 hp could get up to 26-29 MPH in similar conditions. But day to day combined would be more like 16-17 MPG.

For good MPG, staying at or under 70 for long trips helps a great deal. I was typically set at +4 adaptive cruise over back country Florida highways . Sometime slower when I was behind other cars and the adaptive kicked in.

I would say it's wrong to judge this jeep as a typical hybrid car and focus on MPG. For one the torque, accelerations, smoothness, and quiet operation are simply amazing on their own. We are talking sub 17 MPG feel/comparison. If there were a new ICE only people would be raving about it.

All that's not even considering the plug in capabilities. It's a wonderful power train. If you stomp on it you get a feeling that just doesn't happen with a stand alone ICE. Just powerful, quiet and smooth. I can't even feel the transmission, it's just a linear response while being pressed into the seat and met by wind noise.

At < 1% I can drive slow/gentle and the engine still doesn't engage unless the speed gets up.

Stopped by the Bay to take a photo.



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