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Jul 16, 2020
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Herndon, VA
JLUR 2020 Granite
We bought our 5th jeep on July 11th. The plan is to build it up for Multi-week overland trips.

Why the JLUR:
I shopped around quite a bit considering Taco's, 4Runners, ZR2 Bison, etc. I wanted something that could take 33's and get me to about 10 inches of clearance, had room for a winch, and lastly a health eco-system of partners, avid users and add-ons. In truth all the options can get that done, and be long lasting, well performing platforms. A 36K taco becomes a 50K taco with the bumpers, lift, wheels, tires etc. In fact, they all can get to what I wanted starting from stock and adding stuff for about(ish) 50K. Well the JLUR starts on 33's, with 10 inches of clearance, with steel bumpers, and tow, and AUX switches and the list goes on. We started there and searched for jeeps on the lot in about 100 mile radius. Then picked our timing. End of the model year, the next year's model is defined but not orderable, stock is available in the lots that fits the minimum requirements, and we are flexible on everything else. Two weeks of shopping and working with dealers we got the jeep we wanted at the price we wanted. Step one get vehicle, and get it to trail ready status : done.

Things we knew we needed:
Gadget management: Phones, tablets for nav, GPS comms, radios and HT, I mean the list of stuff we knew we had and wanted to have in reach is just silly. We are going to need a system to mount and power that stuff. How much of this list do we really need?

Winch: Self recovery is going to required for staying out for weeks in the middle of nowhere. Self recovery is a whole list of tools and techniques - what do we really need?

Roof Rack: Two people and two dogs ends up with a bunch of stuff, a lot of it light but bulky.

Fridge: Enough fridge for two people for many days

Air: Moving between road surfaces and airing up and down a few times a week, if not daily is important.

Lights: Some trail light, some rock lights, some camp lights. We aren't shooting a movie or night racing in baja so function before cool.

edit: a work in progress. How we solved, er , tried to solve for each section coming next.
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