Does anyone else's front USB ports do this since Uconnect update?


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Jan 16, 2020
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New Jersey
2020 Sahara JLU
Did the Uconnect update a couple of months ago change how the front USBs detect sources?


I've gone through three dash cameras in the past 1.5 years; one self-destructed, the next decided it didn't like cold weather after I left it in the jeep during an inexplicabe 12°F overnight at Chattanooga Choo-choo. It was never the same afterwards. The last one I've used for maybe eight months and it was fine until around two months ago.

I plug all the cameras into the front regular USB (not C) port for the, because I already have three 12V accessories, and haven't found a camera I like enough to hardwire yet.

So starting around two months ago, at every start, the jeep screen would say something like, "This Device Not Supported " and require an 'OK' button push. Then the camera would pop up this screen,


whereas before it would just start recording.

I didn't really notice or mind, until my buddy mentioned that my start-up sequence looked like the Millennium Falcon or an Apollo mission, with all the buttons and switches I had to turn on and off. It never happened when the jeep was new, with the other cameras, or this one until recently.

But last week I wanted to look at an event that happened during a drive, and it turns out that even though I've been pressing "Power On" every day, it hasn't been recording, just showing a live-view. I'm glad I didn't need to rely on the system. Turns out I need to press 'Power On' and then the red 'record' circle each time.

Thought about it today, and it seems like the jeep and camera are now communicating on every start, instead of just sending power. I.e. the jeep sends a query at start, and the camera thinks a computer is trying to access it, so helpfully offers its file-access rear-end, which the jeep does not recognize nor want, because it isn't Contact list or a bunch of pirated MP3s.

Then the jeep says, "I do not know this person, nor do I like what is being offered. 'OK?'", and the confused camera says, "Well, you plugged into me, what do you want?" and gives the choices.

Maybe this was a fix for all the Uconnect failures before?

I ended up taking a right-angle connector and smushing the middle two data pins down:


Now they play nice again, and record upon startup.

This would probably fix other dumb cameras or devices that you just want to power and not communicate with.

But is there really a difference in the front USBs now, or did I just mangle a perfectly good right-angle adapter?


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