Dealership is NOT your Friend !


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Nov 9, 2016
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Louisville, Colorado
2011 Toyota FJ Cruiser
I'd love to believe that what you just described is real life but, that's not the world I've seen. Every time I've bought a new vehicle I get the feeling I'm trying to defend my bank account from pirates.

This time might be different though. I've talked to a pretty cool salesdude and told him my plans. Maybe my JLUR purchase will go better.
I have dealt with some great salespeople, but as I said, they've all been at import dealerships.

The most important thing is that the salesperson will tell you many things, but anything they tell you that is not explicitly in writing and signed by the sales manager is legal hearsay.

When you go through the final sales process, the paperwork you sign will even say that, typically in a we owe/you owe document that explicitly says you aren't owed anything not written on that document, from promised floor mats to "sure, we'll give you a loaner."

It's basic common sense, but most people don't buy cars often enough to realize it, plus the excitement of getting a new vehicle often outweighs your logical brain.

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