Custom 4.5" lift


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Jun 12, 2019
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Baltimore Maryland
2019 JLUR 4.5" lift 37"s
Hi all,

I have a 2019 JLUR that I wheel every other weekend. I hit a mix of sand, mud, rock crawling but this is also my daily driver with highway use. I picked up a RC 2.5 spacer kit day 1 just to get some 37s under it. since then I added front control arm brackets, and front and rear track bar brackets.

I am now ready to upgrade Springs and shocks. Since I quickly outgrew my 2.5 lift I want to go up to 4.5" to give room for future upgrades (38-39s maybe gears)

My question is if I am missing anything or if anyone can see a problem with this setup.
4.5" Evo lift springs
Blackmax shocks Front 16.79" - 28.71" Rear 17.3" - 29.83"
(I know these are cheap shock but I want them soft)
front control arm geometry correction bracket
Front and rear track bar barackets
2" bumpstop extensions from the RC kit
metalcloake DuroSpring bumpstops (won here last month!)
extended swaybar end links from the RC kit.

My concerns:
Do I need a brake line relocation bracket?
should I replace the swaybar end links with even longer ones?
if so how long? and can I move the rears to the front?
will the axle breathers, sensor cables, parking brake cable all be long enough at full droop?
I have heard the front drive shaft is still OK as long as the front shock is under 30" extended.
is there anything I am not even thinking about??