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Apr 2, 2020
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Just moved from there for reasons other than not wanting to be there (it was a temporary stop anyway and family situation here in WI made the decision for me). Had a great view of Pike's Peak and the Air Force Academy air field from my apartment. Would have stayed a bit longer until I figured out what I want to be when I get older (been doing that for 54 years, now), but not to be... lots of breweries, at least!

Be aware of the tax burden there... both state and local. Coming from CA, it will likely be OK / better, but it is something to consider when choosing location (you may manage to do a little better in the unincorporated countryside, etc.).

North side where I lived by the Academy is all new and sprawling and kinda getting irritating for getting around due to numbers of people (and surprisingly devoid of grocery stores, of all things). The interstate is craptastic right now with construction most of the way up to Denver.

In general, as someone who lived on the Front Range on and off since 1991, I am very sadly done with Denver / Co Springs / Boulder and everything in between. Too many folks for my tastes and it's gotten more spendy than necessary. Weekends getting to the hills are a travel nightmare on the few roads available, and the infrastructure really didn't keep up with the growth. (read: traffic jams any day, any time in Denver / Boulder... and rather often for the slightest blip in the Springs or the interstate to Denver) Coming from CA, well... it may seem like a reprieve, but for me it got oppressive and maddening to try to get anywhere. YMMV...

Further into the mountains would be my choice, though I will likely settle into WY at some point to avoid state income taxes and still have access to the CO high country and Utah.

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