Clutch recall- I would have been better off without the clutch recall.


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Apr 21, 2018
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This is my case only. I am not advising you to do or not to do the recall.
In my case it has been a nightmare.
I got the notice on the mail to make an appointment for the clutch recall. So i did get an appointment for the following week. Exactly the day after the notice, my Jeep developed a light ticking noise in the engine. Like a bad valve lifter. But first some back ground, my Jeep has 57,000 miles. It has run flawlessly since new. When it reached 10,000 miles I decided to install a supercharger. That didn't work for me, so the supercharger was removed, less than 1,000 miles on it. As part of the Supercharger installation they had re-programed the ECM. When they removed the supercharger, they flashed and went back to the original program. I knew I had voided the warranty on the power train. That's a fact. After that I drove the jeep for 46,000+ miles with no issues whatsoever. Never a check engine light or anything until that day the engine started ticking. Still no check engine light.
I took the Jeep in for the recall and ask them to check the ticking on the engine.
First thing they tell me as soon as they plug the ECM to do the recall update is that because I replaced the ECM the engine is out of warranty. I clarifies that the ECM has never been replaced. It was a software change, not a hardware change, but ok, I know there is no warranty.
Sure enough one valve lifter was bad, one week to get the part, for some reason the tech took two weeks to change the lifter. That was the first flag for me. They kept saying that it would be ready next day and then that the tech had run into some complication and so forth.
Finally Saturday the Jeep is ready. I pay $1,600 for the lifter change ( part was $55) , but ok. Get in the Jeep and start the engine and the check engine light is on. I walk back in and tell them and they say: because yo changed the ECM that check engine light is going to be on. You would need a new ECM to solve that. I said one more time, the ECM is the original one and I came here without any check engine light. They are closing so come back on Monday to discuss the need for a new ECM. Drove two miles, other than the check engine light all seem fine. First traffic light and the warning that engine start stop is not working. Next light engine starts vibrating like in 5 cylinders. Turn around and go drop the Jeep back at the dealer. Now they are closed.
Monday they say they are sorry they found a vacuum leak, and that should solve the problem. Today they say the Oxygen sensors need to be replaced, please authorize $400+ repair.............:angry:

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