Clicking noise, check engine light, and now loss of brakes.


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Jan 15, 2018
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2018 JLU 1998 LX470
Full disclosure, I work at the Jeep dealership that services my vehicle.

My wife's DD is a 2020 JLU North Edition (Sahara with SelecTrac 4hi Auto) 2.0L etorque now with 22k miles. 2" lift, jks quicker disconnects, and JL Rubicon takeoff wheels and tires(BFG ko2s). At about 18k miles, I noted a clicking noise on sharp lefts. Reading about balljoints etc, I'm probably wrong, but I swear it's coming from the right rear. At any rate, I had an oil change and rotate and asked the tech to check for the noise. Tech verified clicking, checked suspension and steering bolts and didn't notice anything loose. I was concerned because we were heading to Colorado and Utah for a 2 week trip from Illinois and would spend considerable time offroad and sometimes remote. I was assured it was no big deal and we went on our trip. I kept the trails pretty mild as I was still concerned about the noise. Never did anything too hardcore and never bottomed out.
We returned to Illinois and my wife doesn't want to drive the Jeep until the noise is gone, so I drive it to work for a post-trip oil change, brake flush, tire rotation, and alignment. They still can't find the noise, and we're pretty booked so I say "No big deal, I'll drive it until it's fixed and my wife will drive my truck". That night, the check engine light comes on and I had noticed a momentary loss of power. I had the service manage check the code, he says it's vacuum related. Again, I say "No big deal, I'll keep driving it until you can squeeze me in" and now there's 2 problems. Saturday, I'm driving in to work and as I approach a red light, the break pedal goes to the floor. I panic but I pump the brakes and get it stopped. There's no traffic, and against common sense I drive it the 20 miles to work because I don't want to sit and wait for a tow. I get it to work and when I get out, I notice a trail of brake fluid behind the vehicle. I crawl underneath and the left front caliper is just gushing brake fluid. Needless to say, I left it there and had my wife come and pick me up.
I will update tomorrow night on what all they found.