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    If you've been searching for the ultimate after market suspension system to meet both your demanding off-road AND on-road needs, Clayton Off Road Overland Plus Series Lift Kits are exactly what you've been looking for.


    Why Choose Clayton?
    We get asked a lot what makes our control arms and track bars stand out from the rest of the crowd. For 20 years now our goal has remained exactly the same; to design and fabricate the toughest Jeep Suspension Systems available with absolutely zero compromises to on-or-off-road performance. From our 5/16" thick lower control arm housings - to our 2x2 1/4" thick wall square tubing, every little detail we put into our designs goes into making that goal very much a reality. Our suspensions are built to excel on any terrain and outlast the competition for years to come. Not to mention, are 100% made-in-the-USA and come with our Lifetime Warranty against bending or breaking.

    So, what is this "Overland Plus" lift kit?
    Available in both 2.5" & 3.5" lift variants, all 8 of the adjustable control arms included in our Overland Plus kits feature our dual durometer Giiro Joint bushings on both ends. These are our free pivoting, self-lubricating, self-centering, silent in operation and maintenance free bushings that make our kits ride like butter no matter what's underneath your vehicle. If that all sounds like it's too good to be true, that's because it should be. But the structured anatomy of our Giiro bushings matched with their superior material formulation allows two distant worlds to meet as one, providing you the desirable comfort of a daily driver and then easily transitioning to meet the extreme limits of rugged off-road terrain.

    The Giiro Joint is also used at one end of our adjustable track bars (front and rear). The other end features a Johnny Joint with a 5” long 1” shank for superior flex and maximum adjust-ability.


    What size lift should I run with my specific model and tire size?
    We find that our 2.5" springs fit perfectly on a Sport/Sahara with 35" tires, and on a Rubicon with 37's. For our 3.5" springs, a Sport/Sahara model JL can fit up to and looks best with 37" tires, and for Rubicon models all the way up to 38" and 39" tires. For those of you curious about setting proper control arm and track bar lengths for optimized pinion and drive-line angles, we actually created this chart (tried, tested and proven) that you can refer to.Screenshot (15).jpg

    Will your rear springs hold up to carrying all of my camping/overlanding equipment?

    Yes, 100%. Our rear springs found in all of our Overland Plus series kits feature a dual-rate coil design specially designed with all of you overlanding enthusiasts in mind. We even went as far as to creating side specific rear springs just to compensate for the weight of the gas tank. Whatever you want to carry in or on your Jeep be it a tent, a fridge, a grill, or a couple of your big dogs, our springs can handle it all.


    Product at a glance:
    • Bolt In Design
    • 8 Fully Adjustable Control Arms
    • Maintenance FREE Giiro Joints
    • Dual Durometer, Self Centering Joints
    • Premium Adjustable Front Track Bar
    • Premium Adjustable Rear Track Bar
    • Front Adjustable Sway Bar Links
    • Rear Adjustable Sway Bar Links
    • Front & Rear Bumpstops
    • Lifetime Warranty*

    Check it out for yourself here.
    Let us know if there's anything we can do to help, and PM us if you want a discount code!
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