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Feb 1, 2019
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Anaheim, CA
2018 Rubicon Unlimited -- 1966 Pontiac GTO Convertible
I spent a long time looking for an onboard air solution for my new JL and have not come up with much. The only brackets I have found so far are for the ARB compressor which I have not had good luck ARB's on my JK. It took 3 tries to get one that worked in the first place. I had the underhood mount which really kept it out of the way but it would not air up all 4 35” tires from 18 to 28 without the thermal cut off, with 37’s it would not always do 2 tires which meant that I was often waiting quite a bit or just driving on underinflated tires to a gas station. I think a major part of this was that the compressor was already hot before it ever started working. In the past (before the JK) I have used Viair portables, the ones I used had a 100% duty cycle and were reliable as heck. Issue is I take my Golden Retriever everywhere so I don’t need a portable compressor rolling around back there.

Luckily (Unluckily?) there is not a cubic inch of space under the JL hood so that is not an option this time. MORE Off road makes a bracket that mounts to the hard top in a nice little unused space right behind the rear seat on the 4-doors but the idea of another ARB was not for me so I came up with a solution on my own.

First you need to get a set of these from GPCA, I found them on Amazon:

They mount under the screws that hold the hard top down and allow you to strap things in. there are different styles ranging from $8-15 for a full set.

Then you need a small backpack that has the Molle straps all over it (on the front and the sides). I used this one:

I looked at the specs of 100’s of backpacks before I chose this one. It is wide enough for the compressor to fit but is not too tall so it does not block my windows and only costs $28.

As you can see the Viair 450P fits right in though I did remove the air filter from the front. It will fit with the filter attached but I was worried it may break off and the filter screws on by hand with no tools. All of your hoses cables etc fits above the compressor with room to spare.

Lastly you need some carabiners and a strap. For the carabiners they can be the cheap Walmart ones that cost like 1-2 dollars. I used 4 per backpack. One on each side and 2 on the front. They keep the strap from slipping up or down.

I have had this for months and it is rock solid, has never moved and I always have a compressor in easy reach if I need it. I hope someone is able to use this!!


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