Body Armor 4x4 JL Tire Carrier 5298

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Aug 27, 2021
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Northern Ontario
Jeep Wrangler JL
I just recently purchased the Body Armor Tire Carrier 5298 addon for my bumper. It is a swing
arm type carrier on bearings and latches on the right side. I followed the instructions to a T, pdf
of them below.

PDF Instructions

My problem is now that it's installed and the tire is mounted every time I hit a bump it bounces
and makes quite a bit of noise. I have seen other options where the tire does not move a bit. Tires
are 35" Toyo AT3.

Does anyone else have this problem, is there a fix to make it more sturdy? It seems like the bouncing is
because of this. Not sure if it's normal but there is definitely some slack and I assuming that is working as


Any recommendations are appreciated.


If you go to purchase this item, I can confirm it is not worth it. There was an issue with it and the company told me to take it to a shop, which I did. After 3 emails, the shop confirmed there was an issue and the place I got it from wouldn't return it cause the supplier wouldn't accept it.

The bumper also started rusting out no more than 4 months later. Don't waste your money these products are not worth it.

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