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One of the most common questions we get is, "What do I use to maintain my clear bra and what should I stay away from?" We got this question so much that we decided to make the answer easier than ever by offering our own line of aftercare products for not just our paint protection film (PPF), but any PPF. Good news though, both of these products work on PPF, vinyl, paint, glass, and wheels.

What to Avoid
- We highly recommend that you stay away from any product that contains a petroleum distillate such as naphtha or kerosene. Be sure to check the ingredients label to check for those items. The issue with these ingredients is that they can cause the PPF (any brand) to discolor or stain over time.
- Avoid any waxes or sealants that contain a harsh dye.

How To Clean Off Stains
- For regular every day things like bird droppings, dirt, and other minor things, use a Detail Spray. We recommend keeping this in your vehicle with a microfiber towel so you can get to anything quickly if you think it's something that may be stubborn to get off later.

- If you didn't get to it in time and now it's being stubborn to remove. Feel free to use isopropyl alcohol. This is common rubbing alcohol. Put some in spray bottle or just put some on a microfiber towel and begin to wipe or clean the contaminant off the film.
- If isopropyl alcohol doesn't work it's time to pull out the harsh chemicals. **NOTE - this is for XPEL ULTIMATE, ULTIMATE PLUS, and STEALTH PPF. We cannot guarantee that competitor films will hold up to these chemicals as their top coats are not as advanced**
- You can use acetone and even lacquer thinner to clean things off of the paint. Yes, you read that right. For removal of stubborn stains, you may use those harsh chemicals on a microfiber towel to clean the XPEL PPF. Just be sure not to let those chemicals touch any non protected surface, and be sure not to let it sit on the PPF for too long. We have seen these items used to clean off spray paint, paint transfer, tree sap, tar stains, and other stubborn items.

What if the stain won't come off?
- XPEL ULTIMATE, ULTIMATE PLUS, and STEALTH PPF are all backed by a 10 Year Warranty that covers staining, yellowing, and more. If you cannot clean a stain off the film then take your car to a certified XPEL Installer (You'll know they're certified or not if they're listed on our XPEL website.) If they cannot clean off the stain, then we will pay parts and labor to replace that piece of PPF completely FREE to you. *The warranty is 10 years starting from the date of installation. Please be sure to maintain your warranty card and invoice/receipt.*

Okay, now your car is clean, how do I maintain the PPF?
- The very best way to maintain/clean a car these days (whether it's got PPF on it or not) is to have a Ceramic Coating professionally applied. XPEL FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating is a 4 Year Warranty coating that will add a candy coated shine and look to your paint while also adding a hydrophobic finish making your vehicle easier than ever to clean.

"I've heard of ceramic coatings before, but I'm not sold on them. Or, I have a ceramic coating, now how do I maintain it?"
- This is where the XPEL Ceramic Boost Spray comes in. Ceramic Boost spray takes the place of using a wax or a sealant to maintain your already clean vehicle. This works on paint, PPF, vinyl, glass, and wheels. Ceramic Boost spray will help protect the surface by sealing it with a micro-thin layer to help resist debris, contaminants, and more, while repelling dust and lint. XPEL Ceramic Boost spray also adds hydrophobic properties so water will bead up. We recommend using this every 2-6 washes depending on your washing and driving habits. For example, if your vehicle is garage kept and washed often, you may not need to use this as much. If your vehicle is kept outside and you don't clean it as often, then you'll want to use the Ceramic Boost spray more often.

For more information on Film Care, including how to remove the film should you ever need to, go to

To find an XPEL Certified Installer, go to

Both the XPEL Detail Spray and XPEL Ceramic Boost are available on or you can contact your local XPEL installer and purchase through them.

We hope this info helps, let us know if we can answer any questions or address any concerns.
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