Audio quality of 8.4 system


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Aug 7, 2017
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I've noticed there are varying opinions of the 8.4 system's audio quality. Some people love it and others say it sucks. When I first got my JL I wasn't that impressed with it. I mostly listen to either spotify or google play music. I've noticed over the last year, that depending on how you use the system, your audio quality may vary wildly. When I first got my JL, I had a Samsung Note 8. The system sounded about the same as my JK. I wasn't impressed. Because of my jobs, I have access to various mobile phones. I broke the screen on my Note 8 and one day I dropped it off for repair. I put my sim card in an HTC U11 and was using that for a few days. The first time I listed to music through the U11 I was stunned. The base hit hard, and at 17 volume level the music was LOUD. With the Note 8, I was turning it up to 23 tog et the same volume and it sounded (blown out) as though the system didn't have enough power. When I got the Note 8 back, I couldnt use it because it sounded so bad compared to the U11. I had an Iphone 8 from work. I tried it and it wasn't as bad as the Note 8, but not great. Sometime later, I changed my iphone for a Galaxy S9 and tried it. It sounded great. Not quiet as good as the U11 but pretty close. I switched my personal phone (the Note8) for a Pixel 3 a couple of weeks ago. I noticed last night there was a lot of vibrations out of the subwoofer to the point that it sounded almost blown on some music. I was thinking that maybe i needed to take it in to the dealer, then I remembered how it seemed to vary by phone. I plugged the S9 in and the sound went back to being perfect. So if you think the audio sucks and you are using a streaming service on your phone, be aware that it might be your phone..

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